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'So grateful' Klopp's 'amazing' reply to Irish fan after his little brother's tragic death


Letter from Jurgen Klopp to Chris Ryan

Letter from Jurgen Klopp to Chris Ryan

Letter from Jurgen Klopp to Chris Ryan

A Liverpool fan has told of his emotion after receiving a response from manager Jurgen Klopp to a letter he wrote about the tragic death of his younger brother.

Chris Ryan (25), from Blackrock, Dublin, lost his sibling Callum McGarvey (12) to an asthma attack three years ago.

A love of the club had been a strong bond between the brothers.

When Liverpool won the league, Chris was moved to write a letter to the club, telling his brother's story.

"Liverpool Football Club has given me more than anyone will ever know. My memories with Callum have become immortalised and a connection like no other. It's more than just a football club, we're one big family," he said.

Footballer Callum, who was big for his age and a budding defender, was buried with a jersey bearing the name of star striker Sadio Mané and the family sang club anthem You'll Never Walk Alone at the funeral. Now Chris has revealed Reds boss Klopp has sent a reply.


Chris Ryan with his brother Callum McGarvey who died from an asthma attack in 2017

Chris Ryan with his brother Callum McGarvey who died from an asthma attack in 2017

Chris Ryan with his brother Callum McGarvey who died from an asthma attack in 2017

"I came home on Sunday and there it was, I was shocked," he told the Herald.

"I absolutely did not expect him to write back.

"For someone with this kind of schedule to take time out and do something like that speaks volumes for him as a man.

"Even on a human level. I am just so grateful to him," he said.

In the letter Klopp offered Chris condolences on the loss.

"Firstly, thank you for taking the time to tell Callum's story.

"It is clear that as a brother you loved him very much and continue to love him very much.

"It is also obvious that Callum was a special person, so I really appreciate being given the opportunity to learn about him," he said.

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The manager said he is constantly reminded of the devotion that supporters have for the club.

"Callum was part of that and is still part of that," he said.

"I wish I had the words to do justice to this situation but I haven't. But I can tell you that your family are in our thoughts and everything that we do is for supporters like Callum who give everything that they have for LFC."

He said he hoped Chris could take comfort from the moments they were able to share as brothers, whether following Liverpool or otherwise.

"Having read your letter I can certainly say that he meant a great deal to you and you meant a great deal to him and I thank you for sharing this with me.

"Please look after yourself and pass on my thoughts and best wishes to your family," he wrote and signed off the leter "You'll Never Walk Alone".

Chris said he wanted to share what Klopp had written to him and that he feels privileged to be part of the club family.

"It's amazing. It just goes to show how important fans are to football. My family have now all become Liverpool fans, my aunt, my uncles," he said.

Chris said putting pen to paper for the original letter was tough.

"Something with winning the league, you know how special it was. There was such an aura and joy around the club.

"It gave me the strength and determination to get it done. I just wanted to do it for Callum," he said.


The letter contained details of the last months of Callum's life and how on his last trip to Anfield, he took a piece of the rubble from the building site where the stadium expansion was happening.

Callum was excited about the prospect of the club's then new signing, Mohamed Salah, who he was sure was going to be a success - even though his brother wasn't yet convinced.

He had bought a jersey with Salah's name on the back, though he never got to wear it.

It remains hanging on the back of the chair in his room, where he left it.

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