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Shameless Jayda Fransen proud of flogging worthless mask and Covid jab exemption cards

As we've pointed out repeatedly, Jayda's party doesn't seem to do very much except repeatedly ask for donations from its members


Jayda Fransen

Jayda Fransen

Jayda Fransen

Far-right loon Jayda Fransen is shamelessly proud of flogging worthless mask and vaccine exemption cards, it has emerged.

For the convicted racist has been bragging about our revelations that she's dishing out the 'fake' lanyards to anyone who makes a donation to her race hate group the British Freedom Party (BFP).

Earlier this month we revealed how she was flogging the cards which state the wearer is exempt from wearing a face mask or exempt from being vaccinated.

All she wanted was a minimum tenner donation to her far-right party and within a couple of days you would receive your "exemption" cards.

Despite our story pointing out the fact the cards will be worthless, Jayda used our story as propaganda.

In fact she joyously posted an email to all her followers and members with the heading "BFP in The Sunday Papers" and accompanied our less-than-flattering article about her money-making scheme.


The email boast

The email boast

The email boast

She goes on to rant, "Our Exempt Cards and Lanyards are BIG NEWS! BFP are empowering our people throughout the United Kingdom to say NO to this Tyranny. WE WILL NOT COMPLY!"

As we've pointed out repeatedly, Jayda's party doesn't seem to do very much except repeatedly ask for donations from its members and anyone else mad enough to part with their cash.

She has stood in a series of recent elections at great cost and with zero impact so it's likely party funds are frittered on paying for her doomed attempts to enter Westminster and the Scottish Assembly.

In an effort to encourage only serious candidates to stand for election to Westminster, a £500 deposit is required when submitting the nomination papers. This is returned if the candidate receives over five per cent of the total votes cast - something Jayda can only dream of.

In fact she's never received more than 0.1 per cent at any election which means every time she stands in an election, she loses her deposit.

In 2014 she polled just 56 votes in the Rochester and Strood by-election and in July this year she did even worse, polling just 40 votes at the Batley and Spen by-election.

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She was also humiliated when she chose to stand against Nicola Sturgeon in Glasgow Southside during the last Scottish parliament election, winning 40 votes - not only coming last in that constituency but last of all the 357 candidates who stood throughout the country.

And now she's officially due to stand for election in Southend West which is taking place after the horrific murder of Tory MP David Amess last October. Despite all the main parties refusing to put up a candidate to avoid exploitation of the murder, Jayda will be on the ballot paper for the February 3 vote.

"That'll be another £500 down the drain," one former member of Britain First told the Sunday World.

"Jayda should stop begging for money from her members and actually go and get herself a proper job.

"She's wasting everyone's time and cash making half-hearted attempts to be elected when she knows she has no chance at all.

"You would have thought being named and shamed in a newspaper would leave you feeling embarrassed but not Jayda Fransen - she'll use anything to get a few more quid in."

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