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No Ho Ho Irish Santa Claus threatens to resign over pressure from 'pushy' parents

And that was what one of them sent to me, it was just too much, and I can’t block anyone; Santa can’t do that"


Santa Claus announces his resignation

Santa Claus announces his resignation

Santa Claus announces his resignation

An Irish Santa Claus who posts messages to kids on social media says he has decided to quit after being abused online.

This Irish Santa Claus - who asked the Sunday World not to use his real name - has been sending bespoke Christmas messages to lucky children through his Facebook Page, Thesantaclaus.

In exchange for the 30-second video message, Santa asked parents to make a small donation to the Join Our Boys Trust.

However, last week, he made the difficult decision to close down his page to his 83,000 followers due to as series of abusive comments and messages from pushy parents.

He wrote on his page: “This page is closed, apologies to my faithful followers for all the fun we had. ( Don't Send Requests)."

The post was accompanied by a short video where Santa explained why he felt he had to shut up shop.

And speaking to the Sunday World, Santa explained that it is the parents and not the children who are in danger of waking on Christmas morning to a bag of coal.

“It’s heartbreaking to be honest,” he said.

“This page has been going for six years and it is a real positive page.

“There is no charge to go on and it has been fun and I have helped a lot of people.

“I do special messages for children with autism or maybe Down Syndrome.

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“For some reason this year it just got overwhelming, in a sense but people were demanding so much from me and it was too much.

“I had one particular guy who wanted six individual ones for each child.

“It is a 30 second video, it is all done on Facebook on my phone and it takes five minutes to upload.

“So I offered to do one for him as a family because it would have taken me a long time to upload them all.

“But eventually he got me to do the six individual one and the guy didn't even donate to the charity.

“I have been asked by big companies to do a Zoom call for their employees and I have said no, because I don't do this to make money, all I ask is for them to make a donation to a charity.

“And while the charity is close to my heart the page is not about that, it is about bringing fun to young boys and girls, which is even more important in these difficult times.”

One of Santa’s most successful videos was released last month where he reassured the boys and girls all over the world that he would still be doing his rounds on Christmas Eve.

In order to make this happen Santa confirmed that he is currently cocooning in the North Pole, and up until last week, had been keeping busy by recording these personal video messages.

And while closing down the page was a decision Santa didn’t take lightly, he said that he couldn't’ continue with the levels of abuse that parents were sending him.

“That’s the main thing that children are worried about, will Santa be around, and I wanted to help reassure them.

“But the parents, it just got to the stage where it got too much. And I didn’t want to upset the children by doing this, it is the parents I wanted to get through to.

“I was setting here all day, with the Santa suit on, just getting messages after message, and they were demanding videos.

“Over the last week I would have done 500 personal videos and there are 200 people wanting more, and some of them are the same people and it is just not right.

“But this year, and I don’t know why it has happened, but they talk to me, in such a way.

“They would be on demanding to know why they hadn’t got their video when they had sent the message the day before.

“’Hey you’, nobody in my life as ever referred to me as that, ever. That really hurt, and the demands were too much.

“And that was what one of them sent to me, it was just too much, and I can’t block anyone; Santa can’t do that.

“And as a human being I can’t get angry with anybody, but I got angry the other day and it frightened the life out of people.”

Up until recently Santa had been sending video messages to teachers in America and Australia as well as hundreds of good Irish children.

And since closing the page down he says he has been bowled over by the messages of support he has received from kids all across the globe.

“I don't know what to do with the page at the end of the day. I run it on my phone with a bad internet connection.

“I really don’t know if I can come back. I really don’t.

“But if you saw my house, I am sitting here with the suit on the back of the chair and I just love doing the videos.

“I am cocooning at the moment and it is something that I love doing.

“But I have been getting lots of personal messages that are so kind and supportive and I got a couple of cards in the post this morning to make sure I am OK.

“I love doing them but I just want to be treated with a little respect.

“So who knows, maybe I will be back.”

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