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Mario not outraged 'I understand why people are drinking on the streets. It's very difficult to be indoors all the time'


Mario Rosenstock is not outraged at people drinking on the streets

Mario Rosenstock is not outraged at people drinking on the streets

Mario Rosenstock is not outraged at people drinking on the streets


Today FM's Mario Rosenstock has said he is "not outraged at all" at the scenes of people drinking takeaway pints on the streets last weekend despite the lockdown restriction

The impersonator said the public need to stop judging other people for their actions and accept it is a really tough time for some and they need social interaction.

"I'm not outraged at all," he told the Herald.

"I'm sorry for those people and sorry for all of us, for everybody who feels that we need to do this.

"I understand why they did it. It's very difficult for people to be indoors all the time and not have human activity with others.

"Yes, I understand that there are rules and, yes, technically they broke the rules.

"But to be honest, I'm not going to blame them and I'm not going to be outraged at those people.

"They're finding it just as tough as everybody else. I'm definitely not going to be judgmental about those people or express rage.

"In fact, I feel sympathy for them. It's very, very hard for people not to be able to socialise. I feel desperately sorry for them."

Rosenstock said there needs to be more unity among members of the public and there should not be such an "us and them" mentality.

"We're all just trying to claw our way through this completely illogical and helter-skelter situation, it's a completely mad situation," the Gift Grub star said.

"Humans are creatures of routine and socialisation and it's just completely against our nature what's happening.

"I can't blame anybody and I'm not going to cast aspersions on them.

"One of the things we need to stop doing is blaming each other and just say, 'They had a moment of weakness'.

"Who doesn't? It's a sad situation for all of us and we're doing our best to crawl our way out of it."

Rosenstock revealed he has had to reschedule his tour dates three times, having pulled the plug on his performances just as the first lockdown kicked in.

"I was in the middle of touring when it all happened," he said.

"So the dates got moved to June and then to September and then I moved it to March 2021, so that's three times now I've moved them around. I don't have a clue what's going to happen."

He also revealed he did not apply for any of the government funding on offer as he did not feel he needed it because he is still employed by a national radio station.

However, he does struggle with the ups and downs that come with the Covid-19 pandemic and the constant bad news agenda.

"I have a huge level of optimism when I'm watching CNN, but then it plummets at night when Tony Holohan comes on and tells us we've all been naughty boys in the last 24 hours," he said.

"Then the next day it rises again when CNN comes on and says a new vaccine is found and it's 99.99pc certain to work.

"So there's this daily swings and roundabouts of being up and then being down.

"One day we're good and the next day we're bad."

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