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Hundreds march through Dublin city centre in protest against asylum seekers

One speaker said he would seek “vengeance” against “unvetted migrants” if anything happened to his children before calling on the crowd to act peacefully

Protesters at the Migrant protest outside the Garden of Remembrance. Picture: Frank McGrath

Protesters at the march make their way along O'Connell Street from the Garden of Remembrance

Dee Wall addresses the crowd outside the Garden of Remembrance

Scott Delaney (son of Cotten Eye Joe Delaney)

The anti-refugee protest march in Dublin today© Collins Photos

Therese Cahill.

Alan Sherry and Patrick O'ConnellSunday World

A speaker at an anti-asylum seeker march in Dublin on Saturday said he would seek “vengeance” against “unvetted migrants” if anything happened to his children before calling on the crowd to act peacefully.

Another speaker at the gathering at the Garden of Remembrance, which attracted a crowd of a few hundred, said they were disappointed with the turnout but there was no “nefarious reasons” behind the march.

Conspiracy theorist Dee Wall, aka Dolores Webster, told the crowd that East Wall Says No, who have been protesting against asylum seekers in East Wall, said no to attending yesterday’s rally.

“I can understand people’s scepticism when they didn’t turn up here today. We had East Wall say ‘no we are not attending because we don’t know who the organisers are’. We had people online that I know very well that were advising me not to come here because I am a target for the scumbag lefties.

Protesters at the march make their way along O'Connell Street from the Garden of Remembrance

“The doubt in everyone’s mind I can understand because everyone is being so cautious about taking part in protests where they don’t know who’s running it. The people that organised this is not just one person or two people, it’s a whole community. There is no main organiser, it is a community that organised this.”

The event was promoted online by former drug dealer Scott Delaney, who also goes by the name Scott Knight, the son of notorious gangland killer Cotton Eye Joe Delaney.

Convicted drug dealer Delaney, who previously told how he flooded Ireland with drugs in the 1990s, this week encouraged “everyone who belongs to the Irish underworld in Dublin” to join the far-right National Party.

Delaney, who helped abduct a man who was then brutally tortured and murdered by his father, said “everyone” would be at the march.

Another criminal figure, Wayne Bradley, who was a member of Eamonn ‘the Don’ Dunne’s gang, has been promoting other anti-asylum seeker marches in Finglas in recent days.

Wall insisted that today’s event was organised by concerned locals amid concerns about who was behind it.

Dee Wall addresses the crowd outside the Garden of Remembrance

“There is no nefarious reasons why this protest was called today. I only got word of this last week when a person from this community got in touch with me.”

She went on to say she believed the Government wanted to turn Ireland into “Communist China” while also saying she didn’t understand how the Government was in power as she hadn’t voted for them.

“The dictators in Leinster House - we have to stop calling them Government because they’re not our Government - why are they in there and, I’m not going to say running our country, I’m going to say destroying our country.”

Wall is well-known in conspiracy theory circles and was once a close pal of fellow conspiracy theorist Gemma O’Doherty before they fell out.

Wall received just 101 votes when she ran in 2020 General Election in the Dublin Central constituency.

She was a prominent figure at anti-vax protests at the height of the Covid pandemic and at one rally near Áras an Uachtaráin she called for fellow protesters to drag President Michael D Higgins from his home in the Phoenix Park to dance on him “so there is nothing left of his head”.

She insisted yesterday that they were peaceful protestors and said they were not racist.

Wall then introduced another speaker who did not identify himself but said he was part of a new group called Irish Communities Together.

“I am a member of this community and I’m delighted to see you all here,” he said. “I’m here as a father-of-four and I’m only here because I’m worried. God knows, if anything happens to my children, I will not be here worried, I will be here with revenge and vengeance against all these unvetted migrants that have come into this country.

"Take over. Lads, I’m asking you all now let’s peacefully march down O’Connell Street and up around Christchurch and send a message clear – we don’t want them here.”

People shouted “f*** them out” after the man’s speech before the crowd marched through the city centre shouting various slogans including “Leo, Leo Leo, out, out, out,” and “immigrants out”.

Meanwhile, a disabled actress and comic, threatened by a far-right agitator that she ‘is on the menu for rape’ by migrants has urged people not to be taken in by the movement’s ‘fake concern’ for women and children.

The anti-refugee protest march in Dublin today© Collins Photos

“They are weaponising fear of rape and using it to incite hatred against vulnerable refugees,” Therese Cahill told the Sunday World this week.

“What this individual said about me in that video didn’t shock me in the slightest.

“This is a tried and trusted tactic by the far right – this tactic of otherism … sowing hatred through fear against minorities by associating them with the things people fear the most.”

In the vile video posted by the right-wing yob, who cannot be named as he is before the courts, he ranted: “Look who’s up on the f**king menu for rape.”

“All those people as well (people supporting immigrants)

“That’s who’s on the menu for rape ‘cos these mother**kers aren’t going to discriminate.

They’re not going to discriminate in who they rape.

“Therese Cahill’s in a wheelchair and she’ll be easy f**king pickings for these c*nts.

“I don’t want that to happen to you. The last thing I want to hear is that f**king happening to you.”

Therese, who played the role of Sr. Benedict in series 3 of the Channel 4 comedy Derry Girls, said this week that having watched videos of the protests being staged across the country, her fear now is that children are being indoctrinated into believing these lies about immigrants.

“You can see the children at these protests shouting ‘out, out, out’ and these are nine and 10-year-olds,” she said.

“And that’s terrifying.

Scott Delaney (son of Cotten Eye Joe Delaney)

“The reason I use comedy to highlight the things people like this idiot are saying is to draw attention to the fact that this is not normal.

“To highlight the fact this shouldn’t happen and to show people the ridiculousness of what people like him are saying.”

Therese has been running a Twitter account for several years in which she has repeatedly highlighted far right attempts to sow fear and hatred in the community.

“Obviously, people can have legitimate concerns with how the government is handling the refugee crisis,” Therese said.

“Conversations needs to be had about providing suitable accommodation and facilities.

“But these are not the conversations people the far right want to have …. Nowhere near it.”

Further evidence a co-ordinated attempt is being made by the far right to associate immigrants with crimes such as rape was evident across social media platforms this week.

Dozens of accounts controlled by agitators wrongly identified immigrants as being responsible for the sexual assault of a woman in Finglas.

Therese Cahill.

In an effort to combat the spread of disinformation, gardai subsequently issued a statement identifying the suspect as a white male.

As protests against immigrants continued to escalate this week, one source who has been monitoring the rise of the far right in this country for a number of years, said agitators here are being coached on their tactics by members of UK hate group ‘Patriotic Alternative’

The UK-based group promotes a white nationalist ideology, is completely opposed to immigration, promotes repatriation of migrants and believes white people in the UK will soon be in the minority.

During lockdown, the group, founded by infamous neo-Nazi and ex-BNP youth wing leader Mark Collett, also promoted several false Covid conspiracy theories – similar to those being spread in this country by the ant-vaxx movement.

A separate source pointed out that a large number of comments appearing in response to protest videos recorded in Ireland over the past number of weeks are coming from accounts associated with the far right in the UK.

Sources say the involvement of Patriotic Alternative with the far-right movement in the Republic goes some way towards explaining anti Sinn Fein sentiment being expressed at protests around the country.

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