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Shock decision Housing chiefs admit they have 'no policy' for sex offenders after ex-con placed near victim


John Nugent

John Nugent

John Nugent

THE HOUSING authority that placed a convicted paedophile in a home within 750 metres of one of his victims, has admitted it does not have a policy when it comes to housing sex offenders.

A spokesperson for Wexford County Council, who housed serial predator John Nugent (76) at the request of the Probation Service, issued the statement in response to queries from the Sunday World.

In the statement the Council said: “Wexford County Council does not have a particular housing policy that deals with housing sex offenders.

“In assessing the housing needs of an applicant, who has been convicted of criminality, we are not made aware of the details of any victims and therefore we are unable to take their location into account in our consideration of an applicant’s housing needs.”

Two weeks ago, the Sunday World revealed how evil paedophile Nugent, who abused three young sisters over an eight year period and sexually assaulted a 56-year-old woman while on bail awaiting sentence, had returned to Wexford town.

Nugent was released from Arbour Hill prison on Friday November 13th - after serving just three years in jail for abusing three sisters, aged 6 to 15 years old, over an eight-year-period.

We followed the child predator on a 115 kilometre cross-country taxi-trip back to Wexford town where his first stop was at the offices of his former employers’ Wexford County Council to pick up his keys to a new flat in the town.

Shockingly, the first of Nugent’s victim’s to report him to gardai learned later the paedophile had been given a flat just 750 meters from the home she shares with her husband and children.

“I feel sick that they have put him so close to me,” she told the Sunday World.

“He is evil … and he is still dangerous.

“How can this be okay?

“He will walk across the top of my street every two days when he signs on at the garda station.”

Horrific details of the vile pervert’s abuse of the three girls and the ways he manipulated them into not telling their parents emerged during his court case three years ago.

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Nugent molested the three girls when they were as young as six, and it continued up until they were 12.

In one instant he warned one of the sisters her parents would die of a stroke if they were told.

And on another occasion he told one of the girls: “if I let him he wouldn't touch my sisters.”

At the time of the abuse, between 1987 and 1995, the girls lived nearby and ran errands for Nugent, who was then in his 40s.

They would call and collect money before walking to the shop to buy cigarettes for him.

In a statement made at Wexford Garda Station in 2014, one of the sisters said that on one occasion Nugent pretended he had her youngest sister, who was just a toddler, in his house in order to scare the girl and lure her inside to protect her sister from him.

She said: “But she wasn't in there and then he locked the front door and put the keys in his pocket. “He grabbed me and threw me down on to the sofa and I hit my head off something.

“He told me there was no point in fighting it, that this is going to happen. He said if I let him he wouldn't touch my sisters. Before he said that I was screaming, crying, and saying, “let me go", but then I just lay there.”

In total Nugent was charged with 105 sample charges of indecent assault and sexual assault between 1987 and 1995.

He admitted 38 counts, while the rest were taken into consideration.

While in custody, Nugent was also sentenced to a concurrent sentence of one year in prison for sexually assaulting a 56-year-old woman in the town while on bail awaiting sentence on the abuse charges.

This woman told the Sunday World she felt unable to leave her house on learning that Nugent had been housed back in the town.

She also revealed how the serial predator, while was on bail for abusing the girls, spent months stalking her before viciously sexually assaulting her in broad daylight.“When I heard he had been put back living in the centre of the town, it absolutely knocked me for six,” the woman told the Sunday World.“I didn’t want to go out … I didn’t want to do anything. “I can’t put it into words how it made me feel. “I literally just wanted to stay at home so he couldn’t stalk me again like he did in 2015.”

Describing her own ordeal at the hands of Nugent, the woman said it began when, every time she walked through Wexford town, she would turn to see him following along behind her.

“Anytime I went into town he was always behind me,” she said.

“It was really worrying because I couldn’t understand it … how could this man know whenever I was going into town?

“It wasn’t until afterwards when he was identified that I realised I was passing by his house almost every day and that he was waiting to see me go by.

“It went on for about a year before he attacked me.

“He’d follow me along saying things like: ‘You’ve got a fine arse or look at the breasts on you.’

“He was 71 at that stage!

“I was gobsmacked but I thought the best thing to do was just ignore him and I tried to avoid him.

“Then one day I was walking by Flanagan’s of Wexford, it was approximately noon, broad daylight on a June day, and he grabbed me.

“I hadn’t seen him or I would have walked across to the other side of the street.

“But I didn’t see him and then I felt him grab me.

“He had one hand between my legs and one hand on my breast.

“And when I turned around it was him.”

The woman said she was so stunned and sickened the events that followed are a blur even now.

“I can’t honestly say whether he was trying to drag me somewhere or whether he just wanted a quick feel.”

“The reason I’m speaking out about this now is that I think it is ridiculous he has been put back here.

“Nothing is being done to protect us … his previous victims.

“There is nothing to protect the people that he could assault next.

“He has to sign on in the garda station every two days but what is he going to be doing in between?

“He’s a creep … he’s just out for what he can get.

“No child, no woman, is safe as long as he is here in Wexford town.”

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