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Ballinteer Funeral Heartbreaking scenes as Seema Banu and her two children are laid to rest


Seema Banu, her daughter Asfira Riza (11) and son Faizan Syed (6) are laid to rest

Seema Banu, her daughter Asfira Riza (11) and son Faizan Syed (6) are laid to rest

Seema Banu, her daughter Asfira Riza (11) and son Faizan Syed (6) are laid to rest

THE husband of Seema Banu who was found dead along with her two children in their Dublin home last week broke down in tears at their funerals today.

Sameer Sayed cried as he opened Seema’s coffin and the two small white coffins of their children to say goodbye before the burials in Newcastle, Co. Dublin, this afternoon.

Gardai launched a murder investigation following the discovery of Seema, her daughter Asfira Riza (11) and son Faizan Syed (6) who were found strangled to death in their home in Llewellyn Court Ballinteer on Wednesday last week.

Gardai said the children were murdered but have yet to formally confirm how Seema sustained her fatal injuries but are examining the possibility she was murdered.

The family, who are originally from India, moved to Ireland from Dubai earlier this year and Seema’s family back in India said they wanted the remains brought back home to give them a burial in their native country.

However, Sameer insisted that the funerals take place in Ireland and had final say as their next of kin.

The bodies of the family were released this week and brought to Clonskeagh Mosque where they were washed and prepared for burial at the Muslim Cemetery in Newcastle. Co. this afternoon.

Two hearses - one carrying Seema’s coffin and the other carrying the two coffins of the children - arrived at the cemetery around 2.30pm.

Sameer was among a small number of mourners who attended the burial ceremony and helped carry the coffins to the grave before saying his goodbyes.

Seema’s coffin was lowered into the ground first followed by those of her children.

He placed a number of flowers on the graves following the burial.

Later he kneeled in silent prayer over their grave.

Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri, the Head-Imam of the Islamic Centre of Ireland, was among the attendees at today’s funerals. “It’s such a tragic way to go and it’s a tragedy for all Ireland not just the Muslim community,” he told Sundayworld.com “For something like this to happen in Ireland is unheard of.”

Dr Al-Qadri said he had had been speaking to Seema’s brother and mother in India relation to the tragic deaths.

The Indian Embassy organised a live stream of the service so Seema’s family could watch.

Seema’s family said this week that they did not want the burials to take place in Ireland and her parents were very upset that they weren’t able to do their last rights and fulfil their rightful duties as parents.

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