Gemma O’Doherty claims the media are in ‘meltdown’ over her Hitler-loving videos

Last week, we revealed how O’Doherty praised Adolf Hitler and claimed the Nazi party was inspired by “positive Christian values”

Gemma O'Doherty

Gemma O'Doherty

Gemma O'Doherty

Ex-presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty has “thanked” the Sunday World after we revealed how she had posted videos in which she praises Hitler and claims the Holocaust is hoax.

Last week, we revealed how the O’Doherty had posted a series of disturbing anti-Semitic videos on her website.

She also praised Adolf Hitler and claimed the mass murdering Nazi party was inspired by “positive Christian values.”

After we ran the story, O’Doherty took to her Substack subscription newsletter to offer her “sincere thanks to The Sunday World” after we “ran ‘an exclusive’ at the weekend declaring that I’m a ‘Holocaust’ denier (shriek!) and admirer of Hitler (louder shriek!)”.

She then adds: “Given that I’ve been revealing the truth about WWII for several years now, and have a website with almost 30 million views where I frequently post about it, they’re a little late coming to the party.

“But credit where it is due,” she adds, as she says we did a “fantastic job outlining my position.”

Gemma then further praises the Sunday World story as it “might even serve to educate some of their ‘readers’ (I use that word advisedly) who to be fair are not the most sophisticated cohort in the country”.

“Of course, there’s nothing unique about me or my views,” she adds. “Every prominent figure in the so-called ‘truth movement’ in Ireland knows perfectly well the Jews are running the show but are too scared to name them for fear of losing gigs and being labelled ‘anti-Semite’. Yawn!”

Gemma O'Doherty

She also claims that “at least one in three Americans now questions the ‘Holocaust’" which she describes as “a Jew-produced Hollywood fiction invented as a cash cow to give the Christ-killers perpetual victim status so they could carry out their genocidal crimes against our countries and the Palestinians without fear of rebuke.”

O’Doherty also makes a series of other clams including that the number of ‘Holocaust’ non-believers is thought to be even higher in Europe.

“That’s why we see the ADL in panic mode these days talking about ‘Holocaust’ retraining programmes, building new Naaasi-hating museums, and throwing their dreidels out of the pram whenever anyone dares to say the dreaded two words that must not be uttered together in a sentence without Greenblatt permission.

“But until you confront the Jewish power grid and why it is responsible for everything that has gone wrong in our world (such as mass immigration, abortion, LGBT+, mass shootings, 9/11 and most terror attacks, election rigging, climate hoax and on and on..), you are whistling in the wind.

She then says it is a “pity so many so-called truthers lack the courage to come clean.”

Gemma O'Doherty

“In particular, under-20s in Ireland, Europe and the US are exceptionally Jew-wise and have no fear openly expressing the reasons why ‘The Chosen’ were expelled hundreds of times from more than 100 countries.”

O’Doherty said she delighted in seeing the media “in meltdown about me” as it is “a sign we’re winning”.

“Their desperate efforts to blacken my name and reputation backfire every time and only bring more people to the truth.”

In an interview on her website last September with Holocaust denier E Michael Scott, O’Doherty claimed that people are unwilling to discuss what she sees as an issue.

“When you talk to them and say ‘once you start researching the Holocaust, it is absolutely shocking – it doesn’t add up at all’ – but there’s then just a deafening silence, the blinds come down and you are just looked at with scorn,” O’Doherty said.

E Michael Jones, who described himself as a professor in literature, said accounts of the Holocaust is a series of literary works, including books such as Anne Frank’s diary.

During the conversation, the pair discuss Hitler, and O’Doherty praises the genocidal German dictator.

“Europe was doing so well under Hitler and there was this incredible economic miracle and they were determined to be independent of the Jewish banking system,” O’Doherty declared.

Her guest online blamed Israel for JFK’s assassination along with the CIA during the discussion.

On her website, O’Doherty has also posted a video entitled ‘The Truth about National Socialism’ which tries to portray Hitler’s Nazi party in a positive light claiming it was based on ‘positive Christian values’.

In another video in February with another Holocaust denier she suggested that the war in Ukraine was being exploited to allow Jewish people abandon Israel and move there.

“They are creating Israel part two there, which is going to be horrific.”

Chairman of the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland, Maurice Cohen said reports show antisemitism is on the rise in the US and Europe and that “Ireland is no different”.

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