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EYE-CATCHING Gardai search for woman flashing motorists in Meath


Driver danger

Driver danger

Driver danger

A female flasher is driving motorists wild by distracting them with her naked body.

The woman is exposing herself along country roads near Julianstown village in Co. Meath.

Now worried gardai are trying to find her before she causes a serious crash.

They are also afraid she could get killed as it is one of the busiest commuter traffic areas in the country.

Local people first spotted the woman 10 days ago.

"She is walking around with nothing on but a long overcoat. She opens the coat and flashes her naked body at drivers zooming past.

"Everyone in the area is talking about it. But nobody knows who she is because no one has seen her face, it all happens so fast," one local man said.


Gardai confirmed they had received a number of complaints and appealed to the woman to stop.

A garda spokesperson said; " We were contacted by people who said a woman was wearing a long coat and when she opened it, she was naked underneath.

"Gardai attended the scene and patrolled the area along Dimanistown East, Co. Meath but could find no one present."

Over 20,000 cars pass through Julianstown daily travelling between Drogheda and Dublin.

Another local added: "She has given a few bored drivers a good laugh. Everyone is hoping she is around for winter.

"Nothing ever happens here in Julianstown so the flasher is the talk of the place."