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Sunny days ahead Freak weather event 'La Nina' to keep Ireland bathed in sunshine


Gerry Atkinson walking dogs in a sunny Tolka Valley Park this week

Gerry Atkinson walking dogs in a sunny Tolka Valley Park this week


Gerry Atkinson walking dogs in a sunny Tolka Valley Park this week

It is not yet time to dust off the winter woolies as freak weather event "La Nina" staves off the harsh weather.

According to Met Éireann, this week will remain relatively dry and sunny with occasional showers thanks mostly to the weather phenomenon.

"La Nina" occurs once every couple of years, disrupting normal weather patterns and causing havoc for conditions around the world.

However, the net result for Ireland has been positive this week as the north Atlantic jet stream keeps a high pressure system over Ireland.

“We are in La Nina at the moment and it has a blocking pattern and that stops the low pressure coming in,” a Met Éireann forecaster revealed.

“That brings the high pressure weather in from the east and the north and that means cooler and drier weather.

“It will get cold at night time but during the day the bright sunshine will keep temperatures up around 14 degrees which should last for most of the week.

“Due to a change in wind directions the showers will be focused mainly on the east of the country and Wednesday will probably be the best day of the week.”

Temperatures at night will plummet to just above zero but the days will remain mild and warm with temperatures around 14 degrees.

There will be rain at times early on today but it will clear to sunnier spells later on in the afternoon, with the rain returning in Ulster before midnight.

It will be mixed on Tuesday again with both sunshine and showers, but it will be brighter and warmer on Wednesday, with temperatures hitting 15C in places.

However, on Wednesday night the first sign of chilly conditions will arrive, with frost in some areas with lows of just one degree.

The warm days and cold nights will continue until the weekend when a new weather system is expected to land on the south west of the country.

But for the majority of this week we can hold on to the lighter jackets and sunglasses as the unseasonably warm weather continues thanks to "La Nina".

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