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off a cliff Former Xposé star Aisling O'Loughlin says 'I ain't no Einstein' in a new anti-vaccine rant

'We’ll ask the questions, we’ll be the conspiracy theorists. Stop falling for the propaganda'


Aisling O'Loughlin

Aisling O'Loughlin

Aisling O'Loughlin

Former Xposé star Aisling O'Loughlin has said “I ain't no Einstein” in a new anti-vaccine rant she posted on social media. 

The ex-presenter warned her followers not to “fall for the propaganda” as she launched into her diatribe in the six-minute video recorded and shared on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram.

In the new clip, she says there is no “going back to normal”, as she took aim at the anti-vaccine programme.

“We’re told we’ll all go back to normal faster if everybody just takes their shots, and not just one shot, multiples, and you’re never fully vaccinated

“There is no going back to normal,” she states. “And we’ll ask the questions, we’ll be the conspiracy theorists. Stop falling for the propaganda, ask the questions and keep asking the questions.

“Make people uncomfortable and be disliked, you know, it doesn't matter because we're in such a dangerous part of our history.

“We have to stand up and we have to hold our ground and we have to hold the line.

“We have to be strong for each other too, so anyway I'm sending lots of love out there. And I'm really enjoying the conversation and enjoying opening things up and just looking at things from a multitude of different perspectives.

“Because that is freedom of expression and that's where the good stuff lies.

“I'm not afraid to look at different angles. I think so many people are terrified to look at different angles.

“I always say to my kids, ‘you don't have to agree with things being taught in school’. Just go, ‘oh yeah, that's interesting’, that's all you need to say.

“Keep your mind open, and your heart open but so far what we have learned about the so-called vaccines…incredibly dangerous not in our interest at all to take them.

“Please stop listening to the TV and this propaganda that's being pumped out to brain wash you.

“When I hear it repeated, it doesn’t signify intelligence, I'm afraid.

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“I ain't no Einstein but I think we've plummeted in terms of intelligence, we seem to have gone off a cliff. I think it's time we stopped being frightened and found the courage and copped on.”

Ms O’Loughlin was previously banned from Instagram for “repeatedly sharing harmful misinformation” on the issues of vaccines and Covid-19.

Describing herself as a “truth-seeker” in her bio, she shares numerous anti-vax photos and videos to her 2,480 subscribers.

In previous post she says she “knew I was walking fine line” while engaging with Instagram before her ban.

“What is Instagram? Showing off all the time.

"Then finally I kinda had a purpose on Instagram which was our campaign, getting information out there and having this exchange of ideas."

She adds: “I knew I was walking a fine line. I didn't know if it was gonna last a day or two days, but it lasted a fair whack in fairness.

“I knew I was going to blow up that bridge and they don't expect you to do that.

“Because they want your ego to be so attached to your online presence and to your following, you know, ‘I've got this number of followers therefore I must be very important’."

She adds: “But everything keeps on moving and these guys are in charge right now, you know, Facebook, Instagram, all these major behemoths, these huge brands, but it's going to shift again.

“These guys have the power at the minute because we give them our attention, because we give them our time, because we've invested so much in the movement.

“I know people say Telegram is owned by the same people, I don't know, but all I know about Telegram is that you can speak freely on it.

“I really like the exchange of ideas and I like that nobody's like, ‘oh, you can't say that, you're only allowed to think like this,’ and if not you're out of the club.

“Okay, I'm out of the freaking club, I don’t want to be in your club anyway."

She then adds that she hopes “everybody is well because these are very strange times” before, ironically urging them turn their back on social media and get out into nature.

"I know, it's such a cliché, isn’t it? Hug a tree but (get out) any which way ya can.”

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