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Hug a tree Former Xposé star Aisling O Loughlin says it's a 'great thing that Facebook and Instagram went down'

'Even though I know it was planned and it was to ensure more censorship, it was a good moment for everybody'


Aisling O'Loughlin

Aisling O'Loughlin

Aisling O'Loughlin

Former Xposé star Aisling O Loughlin has taken to social media to say it was a “great thing that Facebook and Instagram all went down”. 

Even though I know it was planned and it was to ensure more censorship, it was a good moment for everybody,” she declared in a new post on her Telegram page.

The outage, which affected Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, left billions of the platforms’ users unable to get online for more than five hours.

Facebook, which owns all three platforms, said the glitch was caused by an error during a routine maintenance job and “not by malicious activity”.

Ms O’Loughlin who has become an outspoken opponent to the Covid-19 vaccines and has objected to the wearing of mask in schools, was banned from Instagram for “repeatedly sharing harmful misinformation” on the issues of vaccines and Covid-19.

The former presenter moved to the encrypted messaging platform Telegram to reach her followers after getting banned from Instagram for spreading false information.

Describing herself as a “truth-seeker” in her bio, she shares numerous anti-vax photos and videos to her 2,480 subscribers.

In a new post she says she “knew I was walking fine line” while engaging with Instagram before her ban.

“I remember the first time I went off Facebook for a bit and it was just that moment of such relief,” she said, “and even when I was building up the campaign on Instagram 'cause I really didn't know what I was doing on Instagram.

“What is Instagram? showing off all the time, and then finally I kinda had a purpose on Instagram which was our campaign, getting information out there and having this exchange of ideas.

“It’s kind of like what we have on Telegram right now. I knew I was walking a fine line; I didn't know if it was gonna last a day or two days, but it lasted a fair whack in fairness.

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“I knew I was going to blow up that bridge and they don't expect you to do that. They don't expect you to build a large audience and then to blow it up, or to not care.

“Because they want your ego to be so attached to your online presence and to your following, you know, ‘I've got this number of followers therefore I must be very important’.

“So, they don't expect you to go, ‘now, I'm just going to blow up that bridge’, and keep on going, like a good old Viking.

“But everything keeps on moving and these guys are in charge right now, you know, Facebook, Instagram, all these major behemoths, these huge brands, but it's going to shift again.

“These guys have the power at the minute because we give them our attention, because we give them our time, because we've invested so much in the movement.

“I know people say Telegram is owned by the same people, I don't know, but all I know about Telegram is that you can speak freely on it.

“I really like the exchange of ideas and I like that nobody's like, ‘oh, you can't say that, you're only allowed to think like this,’ and if not you're out of the club.

“Okay, I'm out of the freaking club, I don’t want to be in your club anyway."

She then adds that she hopes “everybody is well because these are very strange times” before, ironically urging them turn their back on social media and get out into nature.

"I know, it's such a cliché, isn’t it? Hug a tree but (get out) any which way ya can.”

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