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Viral video Family lodge complaint with GSOC after teen suffers facial injuries during arrest

GSOC are now investigating the arrest as the video also appears to show a uniformed officer kick the teenager – while he was grounded and restrained.


Brody was left bloodied

Brody was left bloodied

Brody was left bloodied

THE FAMILY of a 14-year-old boy, who sustained head injuries and a chipped tooth during his arrest by gardaí, have made a formal complaint to GSOC.

Pictures of teenager Brody McElligott’s injuries, including a gash above one eye, bruising to his face, a chipped tooth and injured lip, were taken by his mother Janet at Finglas Garda Station – after his arrest on Saturday evening of last week.

The teenager, who had been scrambling off-road in the Dunsink dumps earlier in the evening, was pursued by a marked and unmarked Garda car after he took the bike onto a public road.

Video of his arrest on Deanstown Avenue in Finglas, which has since gone viral online, appears to show the 2nd year student at St. Kevin’s in Ballygall holding his hands out before being knocked to the ground by a plainclothes officer.

GSOC are now investigating the arrest as the video also appears to show a uniformed officer kick the teenager – while he was grounded and restrained.

Speaking with the Sunday World yesterday, Brody’s mum Janet said she was shocked by her son’s injuries and the content of the video of his arrest – which was sent to her while she was waiting to see him in Finglas Garda station.

“We want a full and transparent investigation into what happened to Brody,” she told the Sunday World.

“We want accountability.”

Janet acknowledged her son was wrong to take the scrambler onto the public road, something which he had been warned by both his parents not to do, but said she believes the force applied during his arrest was unnecessary and excessive.


Brody's mother Janet

Brody's mother Janet

Brody's mother Janet

“Brody has never had any interaction with the guards before this,” she said. “Brody owns that scrambler. He was in the Dunsink dumps with it, which is where most of the youths around here go.

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“When he goes out on the bike, he’s allowed in the fields in Ballymun but that’s it.

“His da has often brought him up on proper off-road tracks but it's off road only.

“On Saturday evening, he took the bike out of the field because he wanted to come home. He shouldn’t have taken the bike on the road and he knows that.

“When the guards saw him and started following him, he panicked.

“Brody said the guards were following him for about three minutes when he was knocked off the bike by the Hyundai.

“The guards told us they were following him for half an hour and that he gave them the finger, but Brody has sworn to us that he never once gave them the finger.

“They knocked him off the bike with the I40 car. He jumped off the bike and told them: ‘I’m not going to run.’

“And you can see what happened on the video next.

“He said: ‘I’m not going to run; I’m not going to run.’


“And then, I don’t know what you’d call that manoeuvre the guard made to bring him to the ground, but he got him to the ground.

“Brody is only 14 since the end of July and he said he called out to them not to hit him that he was only 13.”

Janet said she was alerted to her son’s arrest by a local in the Deanstown estate and was told he’d been pursued by gardaí and knocked off it.

She said she received a phone-call from Finglas Garda Station shortly before she arrived at the station.

“We go to the station,” she continued, “but there was nobody there and I banged on the window to try and get someone to come out.

“To cut a long story short I didn’t get to see Brody for over an hour.”


Brody after his arrest

Brody after his arrest

Brody after his arrest

Janet said it was during this time she was sent a video showing Brody’s arrest. Janet said when a guard did come out he told her they were dealing with other people. But, after she received the video and showed it to another officer, she and Brody’s dad were allowed in to see him.

“Brody was just in a cell all that time,” she said.“When I did get to see him,he was in a state. “His left eye was all bloody and that side of his face was all swollen.

“He looked in shock. The pictures I took are exactly the way he was when I got in to see him.”

Janet said she has never been as upset in her life as when she saw her son.

“I don’t even like thinking about it now,” she said.

Janet said after securing Brody’s release, she took him home.


Brody McElligott's injuries

Brody McElligott's injuries

Brody McElligott's injuries

“We had to take him to Temple Street on Monday because his head was killing him.

“My husband Eugene said the doctors said he had concussion.”

Janet made a formal complaint to GSOC on Monday - alleging the use of excessive force during her son’s arrest.

Two GSOC investigators visited the family on Wednesday and took a statement from Janet.

A specialist interviewer is to take a statement from Brody in the near future.

“I went to the Garda station a worried mother; but with the attitude that my son had broken the law and we were going to deal with him,” Janet told us.

“I don’t send any of my children out to break the law.

“Brody knows he’s not allowed to take that bike on the road.


Brody McElligott's arrest

Brody McElligott's arrest

Brody McElligott's arrest

“Those are the rules in our home and me and his father would have disciplined him for that.

“But after we saw that video … it’s just shock.

“We haven’t even been able to talk to him about him going out on the bike… because now it’s just all about the fact he’s injured. He’s just not the same.”

Gardaí have confirmed, separately to the McElligott’s complaint, that the matter was referred by the force to GSOC.

“An Garda Síochána has referred certain aspects of the arrest and detention to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission,” a statement confirmed.

“As GSOC has commenced an investigation it would be inappropriate for An Garda Síochána to make any further comment at this time.”

The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission has confirmed it is investigating the arrest.

“A Garda superintendent referred the matter to GSOC… The incident is now under investigation by GSOC,” it said.

It’s understood the incident was referred to GSOC by gardaí under provisions in the Garda Síochána Act that provide for the “independent investigation of any matter that appears to indicate that the conduct of a member of the Garda Síochána may have resulted in the death of, or serious harm to a person."

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