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happy now Family forced out of Tallaght home by racists say they have moved on with their lives

Emmanuel Enoch and his family had to sleep on the floor of a church after a string of incidents


Emmanuel during his sit in at the council offices

Emmanuel during his sit in at the council offices

Emmanuel during his sit in at the council offices

A man whose family was forced out of their Tallaght home after repeated racist attacks has said they are happy in their new home and are moving on with their lives. 

Emmanuel Christopher Enoch was speaking to sundayworld.com after his family settled a court case against the local council.

Emmanuel and his wife Amaka Blessing Aigboboh, and their four children had to sleep on the floor of a church after a string of incidents at their home in Dromcarra Avenue where they had lived since 2013.

In January attackers armed with a knife and using a hammer smashed open the door. His family escaped without serious injury and took refuge in a local church.

However, when they were later asked to vacate the church, they staged a sit-in at South Dublin County Council’s offices in February as they said they had nowhere else to go.

Emmanuel claimed the council had rejected an appeal for an urgent transfer to another house on the grounds that they could not safely return to their home.

When they asked the council where they were to go they were told by an official he would get back to them, but nothing happened.

The house was boarded up by the council and Mr Enoch and the children were accommodated in a local church.

Following a refusal of an application for a transfer to another council house and advice from the council to return home, they brought legal proceedings.

They believed that if they returned, they would be subject to further attacks. The children have been extremely traumatised by the events, they say.

In February, the High Court granted them leave to bring their challenge and the case has been back in court for mention on several occasions.

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On Friday, Conor Power SC, for the family, said the matter had now been “fully resolved” and could be struck out with costs awarded to his clients.

The judge made that order.

Emmanuel told sundayworld.com: “I had no choice (but to take a case) because they kept insisting that we had to go back (to the house in Tallaght).

“We couldn’t go back there.

"We stayed in the church for 90 days. It was an ordeal for me and my family. It was never a solution. A church is not a place to live with your family. The facilities you have at home are not there. There are no beds, and so we were sleeping on the floor, no washing machines and no place to cook.

"But we're happy now in our new home. It’s a nice place but I hope we never have to go through that ordeal again."

Emmanuel had been living in Ireland for 13 years and had endured various anti-social problems for eight years. However, the incident in January was “the height of it”.

"There were many other incidents and some of them we didn’t even report," he revealed. "But we hope to begin a new life here in Ireland.

"I just feel that we didn’t have to go through this process. I don't know why our case was handled like that.

“As I said before they (the council) came to board up the house at about 5.30pm (on the day of the incident in January) and told me it was not safe.

“I feel that if they had already taken that decision that a place is not safe to live then, there has to be an alternative but that was never done.

“I was standing outside with my kids as they boarded up the house and I was asking them, ‘where are we going to go?’. "

Emmanuel added: “With people coming from Ukraine, we have to help, which is very good. If I'm in a position to help I will do so, we can’t leave them stranded, we take them in. Charity begins at home. If you are bringing somebody in from outside, you give them place immediately (sic). That is the most reasonable thing to do.

"But it’s all in the past now and we have moved on with our lives."

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