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Nun Too happy Fake nun banned from west Belfast monastery after 'writhing about on the altar'

Two weeks ago Rachel Mulcahy caused a commotion outside the GPO in Dublin as she danced frantically to religious music


Rachel Mulcahy

Rachel Mulcahy

Rachel Mulcahy

A fake nun banned by a court from going within 150 yards of a monastery says she is praying for its parishioners.

Rachel Mulcahy was served with an interim injunction after priests at Clonard complained about her behaviour.

Dressed in a brown habit, the bogus nun disrupted several services at the west Belfast church which is famous for its annual summer novena. An application for a full injunction will be heard at Laganside court later this month.

Speaking from behind the door of her home in the nearby Beechmount area, Mulcahy said: “Yes, a court has banned me from going near Clonard.

“I am praying for the souls of the parishioners and the priests. I’m praying for you too. I’m going to need some time to consider this before deciding to speak further.”

In a letter later handed in to a newspaper she said: ”I’m in love. Head over heels. I can’t stop it. I love Jesus Christ so much that all I can think about is him. There is no-one else I can think about only him. I adore him. I never ever want to be away from him.”

Mulcahy, who was involved in a confrontation with police officers at the Laganside complex last week, can often be seen in Belfast city centre dancing to religious songs.

She is usually accompanied by two evangelical preachers playing musical instruments. There is no suggestion of wrongdoing on their part.

Two weeks ago Mulcahy caused a commotion outside the GPO in Dublin as she danced frantically to religious music.

At times she raised her arms in the air, before falling to her knees and shouting: “Christ, come into me.”

The bogus nun’s behaviour drew interest from curious onlookers, some of whom recorded her performance.

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Sources with knowledge of the interim injunction order against Mulcahy said her actions outside the GPO mirrored those in Clonard Monastery which led a court to ban her from going near the church.

“She was showing up at services in Clonard dressed in a brown habit, even though she is not a nun,” explained an insider.

“Her behaviour was exactly the same, throwing her arms in the air, making all sorts of wild claims about God, and then writhing about on the altar.

“At first the staff at Clonard ignored her, but when it showed no sign of ending they had to do something, so that’s why they went for the interim injunction,” added our source.

“The congregation would be quite elderly and they felt intimidated by Ms Mulcahy’s behaviour. They just want to be left alone to pray in peace.”

Preaching outside Marks and Spencer on Belfast’s Donegall Place recently, Mulcahy ranted: “Freedom, free access to the Almighty. I am adored and loved because he is Christ.”

She then adopted a crucifixion pose before dancing to music.

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