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Fake Irish visionary claims young people ‘yielding to needs of flesh’ sparked Ukraine War

Gallagher has lived in various luxurious mansions while claiming pictures of the Virgin Mary (sold for €250) will offer protection from a coming apocalypse

Christina in prayer pose

House of Prayer leader Christina Gallagher

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Alan SherrySunday World

House of Prayer founder Christina Gallagher claims Jesus spoke to her last month to say “sodomy [is] growing like a cancer in the wind” because people are being seduced by Satan and “will burn for all eternity” in the fires of hell.

The fake visionary, who set up the controversial religious retreat on Achill in Co. Mayo, also claims Jesus told her that the younger generations “yielding to the needs of the flesh” have sparked World War III.

The Sunday World has highlighted over the years how Gallagher has lived in various luxurious mansions while claiming pictures of the Virgin Mary, which the House of Prayer sells for €250, will offer protection from a coming apocalypse.

The House of Prayer has also made significant amounts over the years from followers who leave them large sums in their wills and from people who donate money while still alive.

For decades, her bizarre messages ‘from Jesus’ have said the end of days is nigh and even include dire warnings that people who don’t buy the items from the House of Prayer business will not receive protection from Jesus when the end comes.

In her latest message published earlier this month, Gallagher claims Jesus told her this “generation of people” are weak and have been blinded by Lucifer.

“You feed on all that is of Lucifer, through your flesh that will lead you to the fires of hell which will burn for all eternity, and in them you will be.

“You have shown me sodomy growing rapidly like a cancer in the wind. It is growing in your hearts to destroy your souls. Can you not see it is the seduction of Satan?”

She also claimed Jesus once again brought up “the chip”.

Conspiracy theory groups have been falsely claiming for the last number of years that vaccines would contain microchips to control the population.

“All the powers of Lucifer are now dictating to you,” Christina claims Jesus told her. “It is he you are listening to. He will lead you on the road to partake of the mark of the beast which is known as ‘the chip’. That will separate you from My Life because that chip will have everything of your person and control of your life.

“Through this control you reject Me and your final decision is made for death that you have chosen for yourself.”

House of Prayer leader Christina Gallagher

Gallagher also claimed Jesus told her younger generations had sparked World War III, which she claimed is already under way.

“You generation of people, the more you have, the more corrupt you become and the more prideful, yielding to the needs of the flesh all leading to war and now the third world war — all of which is with you: it has begun.”

While Gallagher claims Jesus told her the younger generation “is lost” and has sparked World War III, the invasion of Ukraine was ordered by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Gallagher also claims Jesus lashed out at the introduction of abortion in Ireland which will lead to eternal damnation for many.

“Oh women, you desire to murder your unborn children through abortion… My love and mercy will never stop till you breathe your last and then your soul will depart with Lucifer where it will then burn in hell for all eternity in the fires that he has already prepared for you.”

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