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keystone props Eight cops searched comic’s house looking for ‘Garda uniform’ used in sketch

ONE OF Ireland’s top comics was raided by cops this week after he posted an internet comedy video in which he posed as a ‘camp’ garda.

Our exclusive CCTV images show eight officers pulling up in two separate squad-cars outside the Galway home of comedian Stevo Timothy on Wednesday evening.

The officers entered Stevo’s home after presenting a search warrant to his comedy partner Roxie Goldbey, informing her they were there to search for and recover the ‘Garda uniform’ he wore in the sketch.

“We were sitting up in the room when we heard the doorbell ringing and then Roxie went

to answer the door,” Stevo told the Sunday World.

“I had actually looked out the window,” Roxie continued “and when I saw the squad-car outside I thought … okay!

“So I went downstairs and answered the door and there were eight guards staring at me.”


Two garda patrol cars arrive at Stevo Timothy's home

Two garda patrol cars arrive at Stevo Timothy's home

Two garda patrol cars arrive at Stevo Timothy's home

Stevo said he then heard the voices downstairs and one of the officers mentioning a warrant.

“I heard them saying something about a Garda uniform and that’s when I realised what was going on. So I called to Roxie and said send them up.

“They came up to the room, a girl guard and a male guard and I said to them that I did have one.

“They said they had a warrant to search the house but if you just hand it out we won’t have to do the search.

“So I said: Yeah it’s in the closet there … you can have it.

“And then I look down the hall and I was like wow – wthere a fair amount of you for a Garda uniform. And I wouldn’t even mind but it wasn’t a full Garda uniform. It was the old jacket that they don’t even use anymore and a hat that was miles too big for my head anyway.

“So it was just really weird.”

Asked how gardaí had become aware that he was using a Garda uniform in the sketch, Stevo replied: “They said they had seen it in the video and that someone had sent it into them and complained.”

The video posted by Stevo shows him acting out the role of Garda Julian Murphy.


Stevo Timothy in the comedy sketch he posted online

Stevo Timothy in the comedy sketch he posted online

Stevo Timothy in the comedy sketch he posted online

“He’s a very camp garda who was stopping people and pulling them over and stuff and bringing them in for questioning,” said Stevo.

“But I don’t think it was the content or the subject.

“I think it was more they had to follow up the complaint when someone sent in the video or whatever.

“But then a load of Irish comedians, a load of Irish sketch comedians, play the garda character and I can guarantee you that not one of their houses was raided.

“You could understand it if I was involved in criminality and they found it while searching for drugs. But I never wore it outside or used it for anything other than the sketches. And most of them were shot out the front of the house in the garden with the car.”

Asked where he got the jacket and hat, Stevo laughed: “I am not at liberty to say. The guards asked me that too and I will not give away my sources.”

Asked whether the raid had killed off the Garda Julian Murphy character, Stevo insisted it has not.

“No, I’m going to get a very cheap white jumper and write ‘garda’ on it with the R backwards … it will really make a joke of the fact that I don’t have the uniform anymore.

Although Stevo feels he is unlikely to be charged with an offence arising from Wednesday’s seizure, he said he has been asked by gardaí to come in for questioning.

Under Section 61.1 of the Garda Síochána Act, a person is guilty of an offence if he or she, not being a member of the Garda Síochána has in his or her possession any article of Garda uniform and is not able satisfactorily to account for possessing it.

A person guilty of an offence under this section of the act is liable on conviction in the District Court to a fine not exceeding €3,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or both.

However, the Act also states nothing in this section prevents the wearing of any uniform or dress in a performance in a theatre, on film or on television or other media

It remains to be seen whether Stevo’s Garda character will have to face down the law in court.

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