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storage room busted Cops discover another new stash of IRA ammunition hidden in public place


Ammo was discovered near tower blocks in the New Lodge area of Belfast

Ammo was discovered near tower blocks in the New Lodge area of Belfast

Ammo was discovered near tower blocks in the New Lodge area of Belfast

The New IRA have messed up again, stashing precious ammunition in a public location that was discovered by the PSNI last week.

The Sunday World understands the ammunition was discovered in a block of flats in a storage room near the concierge’s office after a member of the public tipped them off after discovering they were trying to hide dangerous weaponry in one of the residential blocks.

It is understood the ammunition was only to be left there for a short time after they failed to find a suitable safe house to hide the gear.

In the past members of the NIRA have approached vulnerable residents who live in the tower blocks in the New Lodge area of Belfast either asking to or planting weaponry without their knowledge, taking advantage of their problems which include alcohol abuse.

Last Monday 30 ammunition technical officers supported by a police helicopter conducted raids in six blocks in the area searching for explosives.

One man was arrested and taken to Musgrave for questioning but was quickly released. The Sunday World has been informed that the man had no connection to the find but began abusing officers as they carried out the raids.

Said one source: “This was a tip off by a member of the community who, like so many others, have no support for the likes of the New IRA or any other criminal gang. Gone are the days when you can rap on someone’s door and ask them to stash gear for a few hours, you would have to respect and support them to do that and what little support they had up here is truly gone,

“There were days when you had a choice of people you knew you could have relied on to help out but, like I said, the mood towards the New IRA has changed, the fact their own community is touting on them says it all.”

This loss is another dramatic and embarrassing blow to the crime gang that is slowly been torn apart.

The alleged leadership are all banged up behind bars after allegedly being recorded by a PSNI/MI5 sting last year after being infiltrated by tout Dennis McFadden.

In Derry, their alleged master bomb-maker was also arrested and charged.

Previously and perhaps the most embarrassing was the discovery of guns, potentially used in police murder bids, in a residential boiler house that caught fire in Belfast.

Two AK47 assault rifles, two sawn-off shotguns, a high-powered rifle with a silencer fitted, three pipe bombs and more than 100 assorted rounds of ammunition were stored in the building that went on fire on Rodney Drive in west Belfast

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Police believe the NIRA weapons had been stored in the outhouse without the knowledge of the resident.

“That was another embarrassing f**k up, one they again couldn’t afford ,” the source added.

This latest development is another blow to their confidence as again they have been betrayed, trusting anyone now is almost impossible said another dissident source.

“Things really are going from bad to worse, members are slowly moving away, so am I.

“You would need to be mad or plain f**king stupid to be getting involved in anything now, you can trust no one.

“The New IRA are all over the shop at the minute. It used to be that if there was an operation you knew it had been looked at and looked at, assessed and researched as to the probability of success and keeping our men out of jail. I don’t believe that is the case now so I for one won’t be following any orders from who us running it now. I’m not gettng banged up because of someone else’s incompetence,” he explained.

Last week Sinn Fein councillor JJ Magee said the community was a safer place after the discovery.

“I welcome the fact that ammunition has been found and removed from our streets. There can be no place in our society for anyone who would bring guns unto our streets.”

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