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Corona-clash Conor McGregor takes another shot at Irish leaders, saying 'weaklings' run country

"Pointing blame for your own lack of leadership/work/success, is in my opinion the weakest thing a person can do"


Conor McGregor has been creating a bit of a Twitter storm this week

Conor McGregor has been creating a bit of a Twitter storm this week

Conor McGregor has been creating a bit of a Twitter storm this week

Conor McGregor has taken yet another pot shot at Ireland’s leaders and their handling of the Covid crisis, saying “weaklings run” the country. 

It follows a barrage of criticism that McGregor unleashed during the week, in a series of tweets - some of which were deleted - in which he slammed the government and Leo Vardakar in particular.

In one tweet, after the Tánaiste appeared on American news network CNN to discuss Ireland’s current surge of Covid cases, McGregor lashed out: “Poisonous individual! Buffoon. Get this blithering fool off my screen. Show pony phony,” as he shared a clip of the programme.

He has taken to Twitter again this afternoon, in relation to a 2017 Irish Times article another social media user posted, entitled ‘This is the winter our health system will finally collapse’.

The tweeter added: “This article from 2017 lays out how the HSE nearly collapsed with winter flu that year due to "dangerous understaffing" and lack of beds. The HSE is ALWAYS in bits in winter. Tony Holohan & #NPHET want emergency restrictions and stress over something that occurs annually.”

In response to the tweet, McGregor added his own comments that were met with a mixed reaction.

“Since the beginning of time this job has not been done,” McGregor stormed. “Now, in late 2021, it directly points the finger of blame at the public. Pointing blame for your own lack of leadership/work/success, is in my opinion the weakest thing a person can do. At present, weaklings run Ireland.”

One person agreed with McGregor, replying: “Correct Conor the HSE employees (sic) near 100 thousand people with an annual budget of €20 billion.

“One of the best funded health services in the world per head which the people dig into their pocket to pay but it can't seem to deal with over 600 people in a population of 5M being sick.”

However, another who pulled him up on McGregor’s comments, retorted: “You run the country then? there is no easy way out of this for anyone and we won't live to see another pandemic like this in our lifetime.. it’s about staying safe for everyone too many negative spins don’t help the situation.”

In his earlier tweets this week, McGregor took offence after former Taoiseach Vardakar said that the 5% of people in Ireland who are unvaccinated are “causing the trouble”.

“Half a mil per annum our ‘chief’ is on,” McGregor stormed. “Not including perk. All I have seen from this individual is the same identical statement over and over and over again: ‘Our healthcare is under strain.'

“You are not paid to make this statement. You are paid to fix it. Do. Your. Job!”

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“Who on earth do these lizards think they are? It is not just ‘necessary’ they pay.

"It is essential! Necessary after the light is shone, how convenient. Lizards,” he said, while quoting a tweet from journalist Gavan Reilly about TDs being offered free antigen tests.

He further proclaimed: “The unchecked goings on inside that house is horrid. The horrid house of the Oireachtas! I shout PETTY TREASON!”

He also slammed the government's response to the Covid crisis, while tweeting an article by Fergal Bowers about Paul Reid’s comments that the HSE is under strain.

He said: “‘Let’s they blame the public!’ How about shut up Paul and do your job, for a change, maybe? How about that? You know, your job? If there is strain on our healthcare system. IT IS YOUR JOB TO CORRECT! This is incompetence! Job. Not. Done. Do your damn job!”

And he also told his 9 million followers in earlier tweet, now deleted, that for “Leo to come out today on foreign soil, and directly blame the non-vaccinated, is the most divisive comment I’ve seen yet”.

"It is neither the vaccinated, nor non vaccinated, nor any Irish citizen for that matter, that is responsible for this unpreparedness. It is government!

“Ireland and its people, with its high vaccination rate, after enduring the longest lockdown in the free world, is not to blame for the undersupply of our healthcare system."

"Those in government are! Almost three years to bolster this for our people, and nothing. Ireland will rise!,” he added.

“We are almost three years into this. We have came together time and time again! Gone above and beyond what has been asked of us! Yet all we have gotten back is hypocritical address after hypocritical address! The audacity! I am ashamed of my nation's government at this time.

"There is just no backing from me here anymore. We will rise! Tonight's address read like an advert to me. When Ireland stands. The world will know."

Not one to shy away from Twitter controversy, Conor hit back at a follower that taunted him for removing his comments from social media.

“I see Conor McGregor deleted his few tweets that were critical of the Irish government last night,” they said, attaching images of the previous tweets. “I’m guessing Ireland isn’t going to ‘rise’.”

“Hay (sic) d**k breath, you must be new here,” McGregor began his response.

“I will always say what I need to say, it gets reported/spread, then I remove it from my page. It’s done and out.”

“I do not like to keep negativity on my channels. Ever. You do zero to help anything or anyone in any situation. So shut up,” he said.

In another tweet he added: “My point stands. I ashamed of those in government! Leo comment, disgraceful. I’m worried for our neglected hospitals and for our people. It is an abomination what is happening! It hurts me beyond belief. If you think I enjoy saying these things and want to keep them, I do not.”

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