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Climbdown Comedian Des Bishop apologises for 'hurtful' jokes he made about Travellers


Des Bishop has apologised for 'hurtful jokes'

Des Bishop has apologised for 'hurtful jokes'

Des Bishop has apologised for 'hurtful jokes'

Comic Des Bishop has issued a groveling apology to the Travelling Community over offensive comments he made to an American radio station. 

The comedian landed himself in hot water when an interview he gave to a US radio show, two years ago, was unearthed and released on social media.

In the interview he took a swipe at Irish Travellers joking that they had “social problems”, “drink a lot”, “get violent when they drink” and engage in bloody feuds.

He also took a swipe at the money spent by the community on First Communions, poked fun at their accents and made outlandish inbreeding jokes.

The video was unearthed on social media and, last night, a leading Traveller support group called on Bishop to apologise for his comments.

This afternoon, the New York-born stand-up took to Twitter to issue to comprehensive apology.

In the statement he apologised unreservedly for his comments and for any hurt he may have unintentionally caused.

“I am writing this to apologise to the Traveller community for comments I made in the US a couple of years ago," he wrote.

"I especially apologise to the community in Tuam who were so welcoming to me 15 years ago when we were filming Joy in the Hood.

"The experience was so positive for me, which I am sure makes it even more hurtful for them to hear such negative comments about their community, uttered by someone who they treated so well.

“It is no consolation that I am so disappointed in myself because I don’t believe in these stereotypes and that I spoke so freely about on the show.

"I have always wanted to be someone who helped to end prejudice against Travellers in Ireland but I clearly had a blind spot to my own prejudice."

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