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Anti-vaxxer who threatened to picket shops says he'll call cops if we write about him

Sean Snow is one of the organisers of a number of protests and regularly speaks at the public events calling for the vaccine passport scheme to be scratched
Anti-vaxxer Sean Snow

Anti-vaxxer Sean Snow

Steven Moore

A leading anti-vaxxer who's publicly threatening to picket shops abiding by the passport scheme says he'll call the cops if we write about him.

Sean Snow is one of the organisers of a number of protests at Belfast City Hall and regularly speaks at the public events calling for the vaccine passport scheme to be scratched.

His publicly available Facebook page repeatedly calls for people to protest and demands businesses refuse to comply with the vaccine passport law.

He says if they don't he will organise boycotts and will go further by picketing those businesses.

Last week, standing on a temporary stage at Belfast City Hall, he told more than 1,000 non-mask-wearing protesters that businesses who use the scheme would lose custom, telling business owners: "Shame on you".

He also said: "This is our legacy, the views of the few have sold out the many."

Thousands take to the streets in Belfast

Thousands take to the streets in Belfast

During the protest, which was peaceful, it was stressed it wasn't an anti-vaccine protest by Sean Snow but rather an anti-vaccine passport protest.

However, several speakers took to the stage to tell the crowd that the vaccine wasn't safe.

On Friday we offered Mr Snow a chance to talk to us so we could get his side of the argument. Through private messaging we told him we just wanted to see what their view was.

But we hadn't even got to the stage of asking him the questions we wanted to put to him when he told us it was illegal to write about him and he was going to report us to the police.

He said: "It is a section 42 assault to publish anything about me. By writing anything it is putting me in danger and causing psychological harm and I'll be reporting it to the police as a criminal offence. You must not write anything about me."

He then blocked us from messaging him back and from his Facebook page.

Thousands take to the streets in Belfast

Thousands take to the streets in Belfast

But he took to his Facebook page to boast he'd been asked to give an interview but both he and fellow protester Melissa Ciummei had refused our offer, though he publicly named the wrong paper.

New health measures agreed at Stormont will see legal enforcement of coronavirus status entry requirements for nightclubs, bars, restaurants and a range of other settings from next week.

People must either show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test.

We wanted to ask the anti-vax protesters is why they believe they are being forced to take the jab when all they need to do is take a lateral flow test and they can do all the things a vaccinated person can do?

Thousands gathered last week at Belfast City Hall to protest at the so-called vaccine passports.

Melissa Ciummei is a leading campaigner against vaccine passports and also believes Covid was manufactured to create economic collapse so the world order can bring in a new corrupt banking system.

Seemingly highly educated, she appears to understand economics and in her interviews, she comes across as very authoritative.

Thousands take to the streets in Belfast

Thousands take to the streets in Belfast

However, her main claim is somewhat eyebrow raising - claiming what the government would prefer to do is be able to medicate us all remotely.

In a recent interview about vaccine passports posted online she states: "They aren't vaccine passports; they are data passports. They are participation passports. There's no medical reason behind these.

"If I had come to you two years ago and said here's what the government want to do - they want to give everyone a chip, they want to put all your medical and financial data on that chip.

"That will be your complete ID and they can control you or shut you out of society. Ideally, they want to put a quantum tattoo on you so they can remotely medicate you.

"That sounds absolutely insane but that's the road we are on."

And she has some fascinating claims about the pandemic claiming it's as a result of changes in world currency structures.

John Snow, in a call on Facebook for thousands to attend last week's protest, he posted: "It's vital that the hospitality sector join us they are the 1s going to suffer with this they will take the hit and flak if they go with this."

Under the compulsory certification scheme, people wishing to gain entry to designated venues would need to demonstrate evidence of Covid-19 vaccination, a negative lateral flow test result, or proof of a coronavirus infection within the previous six months.

Anti-vaccine passport group LibertyNI held a march from Cornmarket which made its way to the main protest at City Hall.

They said: "Liberty NI has thousands of supporters from across the community with diverse political positions. Many supporters are vaccinated and others are not.

"Some supported lockdown and others did not. We welcome open discussion and support free expression.

"While views may differ. Our position on vaccine mandates is clear, we support free choice and informed consent. This should not be influenced by pressure from anyone."

"We remain committed to promoting equality and defending the rights of every citizen. Some parties claim to support these ideals.

"While supporting this unequal, unjust and unlawful policy these parties demonstrate their commitment is words not actions."

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