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Aisling O’Loughlin rants that ‘Satanists’ want to reduce world population to 500 million

The former TV presenter said the recent bombing of the Georgia Guidestones prove her theory

Aisling O'Loughlin

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Aisling O’Loughlin has shared a rant-fuelled video discussing the “Satanists” who want to reduce the world’s population to 500 million.

In the clip posted to Telegram, the former Xposé presenter said she was looking for something more than “clouds that look like spaceships” to prove her theory.

“We have a bit of movement, finally, so very exciting times,” she began.

“I was only talking to a friend the other day and I said we need something more than clouds that look like spaceships, you know?”

“Maybe there are spaceships behind there but we just need something more tangible,” she continued.

“And I threw it out to the universe, out to the ether and said come on and give us a sign and the Georgia Guidestones have been levelled… who saw that one coming?”

Conspiracy theorists have said that the granite monument, known as the ‘American Stonehenge’, is ‘evil’, and advocates for the world population to be reduced significantly.

On July 6th, the stones were destroyed in a bombing and following the severe damage, the monument was removed later that day.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released footage showing the incident and a car fleeing from the scene in the aftermath.

“Some say that was an inside job, they did it themselves to hide the evidence,”

“And I think no it’s got too many people talking because, the Georgia Guidestones even though it is on Wikipedia, nobody believed it so now when you see footage of it being levelled and the force of whatever struck it, the wrath of God, whatever happened now we see this tangible evidence,” Aisling said.

“And now everyone's talking about the Georgia Guidestones and this de-population agenda which seems to be playing out.

“We know the Satanists have to tell you in advance and then if you're still stupid enough to go along you're fair game so major depopulation agenda written in stone what do they want to reduce the population to? 500 million?”

“So that's a fair whack of culling to do? How could they do it I wonder? What would they use?” she continued.

As a prominent anti-vaxxer, O’Loughlin has previously shared her beliefs that the Covid-19 vaccination was ‘satantic’.

In a previous video she said of the vaccine: “Something really untoward and very dangerous is happening, and we should be talking about it so much.

“Number one on the list I would say is aborted fetal cell lines.. why aren't we discussing this?

“We saw that the Pfizer whistleblower confirmed it.

"This is part of what is going into your body, what people have signed up for. Why isn't it being discussed in the mainstream media?

“It’s being pawned off as some kind of conspiracy theory, very clever, well, just ask your doctor if it's a conspiracy theory. Look it up.

“Luciferous (Luciferin) another ingredient, SM 102… we know things are weird out there, things are creepy, things are satanic quite frankly and then there’s an ingredient called Luciferous, the glow in the dark thing.”

“Why is it called that? Why aren't we discussing this in the mainstream media, on the airwaves, on our television debates, in the newspapers. Why aren't we allowed to talk about it? Look it up on the Moderna website,” her rant continued.

“Graphene oxide, researchers are finding it in phials all over the world. What is this black goo superconductor doing in these so-called vaccines?

“Is it making us magnetic? Is it something to do with when 5G is turned on? What the hell is graphene oxide doing in the vaccines.

“Parasites, hydra vulgaris, what’s that doing in there? Researchers are also finding parasites…no wonder they don't want us talking about (it)."

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