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Hash in a pan Ireland's 'queen of cannabis' launches her own cookbook

In the pot: New book is the 'definitive guide' to baking with buds


Mum Delia says cannabis has changed her life

Mum Delia says cannabis has changed her life

Mum Delia says cannabis has changed her life

Ireland's 'queen of cannabis' is hoping to weed out fears about the drug with a new cookbook.

Delia Keane's new book, Let's Get Baked, features recipes for meals, treats and drinks using cannabis.

It's the first cookbook from the mum of one, who has written two other books and describes herself as Ireland's most trusted name when it comes to getting stoned.

The book's blurb claims it's "a yumlicious definitive guide to cannabis-infused cooking" as "simple, accessible recipes and tips expound the experience of cooking using marijuana and proffer a profusion of irie appetisers and entrees.... from weed-infused fettucine alfredo and weed gummy bears to weed strawberry smoothie and pomegranate pot lemonade."

Delia grew up between Dublin and London.

"My background is more adventurous than what I look like now," she explains.


An online advertisement for Delia’s new book shows her baking with cannabis

An online advertisement for Delia’s new book shows her baking with cannabis

An online advertisement for Delia’s new book shows her baking with cannabis

"I have always had a keen interest in medicine, the mind and body and how it works as a whole. Helping people has always been my calling.


"When I was younger I suffered from PTSD, a lack of self-esteem as a direct result of being adopted - not dealing with it led me to weight gain, depression and anxiety."

She says: "When visiting the coffee shops around Amsterdam, where marijuana is legal and has been legal since 1976, I took a keen interest in learning about the healing properties of this weed and realised I could cook with it.

"During my younger years it was one of my passions to travel to see and experience different cultures, learn different creeds and culinary arts, and so fate had it I ended up in Holland for a two week holiday.

"I ended up staying for nearly 10 years, cooking in various restaurants in The Hague.


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"I suffered terribly with chronic back pain and nothing was helping. I don't smoke as I lost my own father to lung cancer at the young age of 69. Also, being an asthmatic, it was simply just not an option for me."

So Delia experimented with various recipes involving cannabis.

"Cannabinoids have been linked to providing relief of chronic pain due to their chemical make-up," she says.

"This is why cannabis by-product, such as medical cannabis, is commonly used for chronic pain relief. This helps me immensely with my back ailments, but the list certainly does not end there."

She describes cannabis as a "super little plant" which helps in the treatment of various ailments.

"The bone research lab in Tel Aviv has said that cannabidiol has been linked to helping heal broken bones by strengthening them and making them tougher to break in the future.

"Cannabis has also shown promise in helping aid people with ADHD/ADD. It is also considered a safer alternative to Adderall and Ritalin.

"It helps with alcoholism - there is no doubt cannabis is much safer than alcohol.


"While it's not 100 per cent risk free it can be a smarter way to curb it [drinking] while substituting [cannabis] with it.

"It can also help with Parkinson's, with inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis and many more," Delia adds to her long list of ailments she claims cannabis can help.

Delia is currently spending lockdown in Ireland, helping her elderly mother in Co Wicklow.

"I grew up between Dublin and London all my life, ping ponging between the two, and although I've been primarily based in London, in recent years it is my intention to return to Ireland permanently.

"Personally, the big city, fast paced life doesn't appeal to me as much as it once did," she reveals.

"Ireland offers a much more serene, tranquil and stunningly beautiful, calming environment, which is much better, I think, for raising a child.

"Wherever my adventures and travels take me, Ireland will always be my real home."

Delia believes cannabis has made a huge difference to her life.

"I wanted to change my life and better my life. I have spent years researching meditation, quantum physics, spirituality, cognitive behaviour and the subconscious.

"I studied the works and books from the likes of Dr Bradley Nelson's The Emotion Code.

"There are also amazing neuroscientists such Dr Joe Dispenza, and epigeneticist Dr Bruce Lipton, who are famous for combining medicine with spirituality.

"That is when I stumbled upon a process called PSYCH-K, a process which Dr Lipton personally spoke highly about and how it changed his life. I am currently studying to work as PSYCH-K facilitator when I move back here to Ireland in the near future."

Delia adds that her intention has always been to help people as much as she can.

"Learning about mediation and subconscious helped me change my life entirely and that's exactly what I aim to help people to do. So that's what has led me to my writing about the art of changing your subconscious.


"But proceed with caution is my advice. I am not an official doctor but research would state this is not a drug for people that may suffer from schizophrenia, as it will worsen with it.

"If you have any questions regarding your safety please talk to your GP first. It's like everything else, there are negative side effects, too. I have personally seen the negative side effects to smoking copious amounts of weed, including impaired memory, temporary paranoia and hallucinations.

"It should never be abused or acquired from a non-licensed source," she advises. "It's important, like any drug, not to mess around with it. Moderation is absolutely key.

"I don't believe it should be given to anyone under the age of 18 unless prescribed by a medical doctor.

"I like to support the Irish industrial hemp association and supporting Irish farmers when I am here in Ireland - I like to purchase my bud for my cooking from various licensed places."

Let's Get Baked - Ireland's Reigning Queen of Cannabis by Delia Keane is available on Amazon and from selected bookshops.

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