We uncover sleazy inner city parlours offering more than a rub down

Our man is offered 'relief' in inner-city massage parlours
Our man is offered 'relief' in inner-city massage parlours

THESE are the sleazy so-called massage parlours that have turned a residential area of Dublin into an unofficial ‘red light district’.

Strict new laws were passed by the Dáil earlier this year which were designed to clamp down on the sex trade across Ireland.

But despite these laws, the sex-for-sale business is openly operating under the noses of Gardaí in an area which is home to thousands of families.

There has been an explosion of dodgy so-called ‘massage parlours’ offering more than just a healthy rub-down in inner-city Dublin.

Today the Sunday World reveals how the area is openly operating almost 16 hours a day.

Last week, angry residents held a protest outside a number of the sleazy businesses, calling on Gardaí to stop the area being turned into an unofficial ‘red light district’.

Following the protest, Gardaí raided one of the massage parlours on Tuesday night – briefly shutting it down.

However, this week, the dodgy masseuses were still openly charging money for sexual services – known as ‘extras’ or ‘happy endings’ – when our undercover reporter visited the area.

Our findings will further infuriate the inner-city locals who have been holding regular protests against the seedy goings-on and have threatened to cause havoc with U2’s upcoming concert in Croke Park by blocking the road that evening.

When we phoned up one massage parlour in the Dorset Street area of Dublin our reporter was offered a massage for 30 minutes for €30 and an hour for €45. 

“The girl’s name is Kelly, she is Asian,” we were told.

When our reporter arrived into the lobby he was gently grabbed by the hand by an Asian woman and then ushered down a narrow passageway into a small room, where an armchair was positioned.

“How are you, you massaging?” she asked. “You sit and wait a few minutes.”

When he asked what he would get for €30, the reply was “half an hour massaging”. He then persisted in asking what ‘extras’ he could get and how much it would cost him.

“For €50, massage and a hand job,” she whispered, telling him her name was Sally. She later stated that full sex was not on the menu.

A few minutes later our reporter was introduced to a younger Asian woman. “My name is Kelly,” the woman he had initially booked said – although the older woman was up for “accommodating” him if he so wished.

Kelly then opened a cubicle door, where a young man in his early 20s was topless and face down under a towel on a narrow bed, in the middle of a massage.

“If you like her [Sally] you can do with her, if you like me you can do with me,” said Kelly. “There is no need to be nervous.”

Kelly said she too would give a happy ending for cash, charging another €20 on top of the initial €30 fee.

Our reporter told the girls he had got a text and had to leave urgently and may come back at a later date.


He then visited a second massage parlour located just a few doors away from the first establishment, and found that the ‘extras’ were very much up for negotiation.

A portly woman answered the door, as she tried to keep a small yelping dog from getting out. “You just called for an appointment?” she asked. “It is €40 for a massage for half an hour.”

The woman had good English and revealed she was from Hungary and that her name was Anna.

Asked what ‘extras’ she did, she said: “We can do happy ending or oral. For oral you need to pay €40 more, which is €80 in total. For hand relief you pay an extra €20, making it €60.”

She too said that she does not offer a “full service”.

“What I offer is a full body massage – and you have the choice of getting a happy ending with oral or hand relief,” she stressed.

Anna said that she was working alone the day we visited, but another girl from Brazil would join her in servicing clients at the weekend. Our reporter made his excuses and left.

We can reveal that another massage parlour on Dorset Street was raided by Gardaí on Tuesday night and now lies shuttered up with no sign of workers inside this weekend.

“Several Garda cars, both marked and unmarked, pulled up outside,” explains an eyewitness.

“After some time they escorted an Asian woman and an Asian man out of the place. The guards had a load of documents in their hands.”

That massage parlour was shut all day on Wednesday but re-opened briefly for business on Thursday.

There are several other massage parlours and sex shops dotted along the busy streets of the inner city area of our capital, with countless men visiting from when they open at 11am in the morning until they close at 11pm and sometimes later at night. 

Some are legitimate operations, offering professional massages, but others are involved in sexual favours for cash.

Locals, many of them brandishing signs such as ‘No to Red Light Area’ and ‘People Before Pimps’, claim there are up to nine ‘brothels’ operating in the greater Dorset street area alone.


A woman arrives to work at parlour

Protester and mother-of-three Norma Sullivan said that she wasn’t happy at the thought of such businesses operating in a residential area.

She said: “These places say they have certain opening hours, but I’ve seen people coming and going from them at two or three in the morning, long after they’re supposed to be closed.

“Whatever adults want to do in their own time is fine, but you’re bringing this kind of business into an area where people have kids and families.”

Local Fianna Fáil councillor Brian Mohan said residents are “fed up” with the suspected brothels operating in the area.

“This has been ongoing for a good while now, and Gardaí are aware of these businesses,” he said

“There’s also concern about the welfare of the young girls working in these.”

He welcomed the recent Garda raids on such businesses in the area but said that more needs to be done before the planned protest on the day of U2’s concert on July 22 would be cancelled..