March 23rd, 2017


Nicola Tallant and John O'Keeffe in Kilakee

VIDEO: Graham Dwyer - The Bloodlust Killer

Paul Kavanagh carries Hatchet's coffin

Buried with the Hatchet

Virals like 'Slane Girl' and 'Maguluf Girl' have virtually ruined their subjects' lives

New book exposes how online humiliation became a blood sport

Public in a feeding frenzy online as shaming virals out of control

Jim Mansfield Jnr

Mansfield family dynasty on the brink

Our reporter finds evidence of drug taking in a public place

Plague of two cities: Now Cork is overrun with addicts

Jim Mansfield Jnr

Mansfield Jnr: "I'm no drug dealer"

Tycoon denies any connection to organised crime as his family's empire crumbles

Our man Jim Gallagher confronts Barclay

Pie Freedom

Ian Tims weighs in for a bout


Our girl makes contact

Sex cam king cashes in on Irish women’s sex videos

It's the antiques ride-show as we expose wild side of the web