May 1st, 2017


Carefree: Joseph Carrick looked relaxed but refused to speak about the case

Evil peado strolls about as victims wait for him to pay €4.7m damages

Alan Bailey

"I just shouted 'Jesus Christ' when I saw their injuries"

Joseph Whelan has been missing since Good Friday

Wife of missing Dublin father of three speaks of fears

Jailed: Luke Hanahoe was sentenced to 18 months in Riker's Island in New York

Son of Dubs legend Tony Hanahoe jailed in New York over sex attack

Mary Kavanagh

COMPETITION CLOSED: Broken by the mob

Nicola Tallant and John O'Keeffe in Kilakee

VIDEO: Graham Dwyer - The Bloodlust Killer

Paul Kavanagh carries Hatchet's coffin

Buried with the Hatchet

Kavanagh carries coffin of his murdered uncle... months later he was whacked by same mob