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The tooth scary Dentist who caused woman's nightmare treatment refuses to pay her compensation


Sarah O’Gorman’s teeth were botched by dentist Riyadh Emara

Sarah O’Gorman’s teeth were botched by dentist Riyadh Emara

Sarah O’Gorman’s teeth were botched by dentist Riyadh Emara

A woman who went through a nightmare dental botch-job has yet to see a penny in compensation, despite being awarded €77,000 by the High Court.

And the dentist whose cock-up almost caused the young woman to lose her teeth has point-blank refused to make any payments to her.

Sarah O'Gorman, who successfully sued Riyadh Emara after he left her in agony, has been left to pay the expensive bills to repair the damage.

This week Emara, who failed to turn up at the court hearings, replied "no" when asked if he would pay over the cash at his Rathmines surgery where he runs his practice.

He said he had "no idea" about the award made against him, when approached by the Sunday World.

"If you have any concerns you can mail to it us," he said, but then added he had "no idea" what email should be used.

Then pointing to a phone number over the door he said: "You can contact this number here."

When offered a business card to make contact with the Sunday World he said: "I don't want to take it."

Sarah this week said she has now spent more than €10,000 trying to repair the damage caused by the braces first fitted by Emara in 2013 when she was still in school.

"I'm possibly going to lose two more teeth over him," she said.


Sarah O' Gorman

Sarah O' Gorman

Sarah O' Gorman

"But he is just ignoring everything. There was sheriffs' letters sent to him but he ignored them."

"Not to show up for the High Court hearing or anything - he is a very arrogant man."

She said she is concerned that other people could end up in the same situation as her as Emara continues to practice at the Canal View Dental Surgery.

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"I had to lose two teeth already, the pain that I was going through they had to refer me to a psychiatrist about it," she said.

"The braces have been on me since 2013 and I am 25 now."

Photographs and an x-ray showed how the braces fitted by Emara left Sarah's teeth in a very bad state.

During the High Court hearing she told how a specialist orthodontist had seek to help from colleagues after examining her teeth.


Sarah O' Gorman

Sarah O' Gorman

Sarah O' Gorman

She said specialist orthodontist Dr George Takla, at St James's Hospital, had taken advice from other specialists, and that they had all concluded that the braces should be removed immediately.

The young woman, who is now a clerical officer at St James's Hospital, said Riyadh Emara was offering braces for a cheaper-than-usual rate of €2,300.

She said she had asked his advice about treatment options, and agreed to pay the fee for the braces to be fitted to her lower and upper teeth in late November 2013.

During the course of the treatment, the dentist attempted to align a canine tooth in the upper right of her mouth, the court heard.

Judge Michael Hanna said the resulting treatment had caused Sarah O'Gorman pain and trauma 'well over and above and beyond what she should have experienced'.


Sarah O' Gorman

Sarah O' Gorman

Sarah O' Gorman

The braces were not removed, and in October 2016, Ms O'Gorman had sought a second opinion, having felt that her teeth were beginning to move.

She told the court: "The roots of my teeth were so sore, and I could feel a clicking noise from the root of my teeth."

"The concern was my teeth would fall out. I was waking up in the middle of the night the roots of my teeth were so sore," she said.

"I thought my teeth were going to fall out if I bit into something hard."

She broke down as she told the court that with her specialist treatment she is now starting to smile again.

"I didn't smile before," she said.

Sarah said: "When the braces were taken off, they said they weren't going to touch my teeth for six to eight months, because they thought they were going to fall out."

She said the new orthodontist also arranged for a difficult wisdom tooth to be removed - a job she said Emara had tried to do but failed, leaving her in extreme pain and with a mouth full of blood.

The cost of having a new set of braces fitted was €3,500, Sarah said, and she had been told that she could need a tooth implant costing €1,950.

As well as the pain she had suffered, she told the court that her general anxiety levels had increased, she feared that people were staring at her teeth, and she had started to suffer from panic attacks.

Judge Hanna noted that Emara had not replied to any contact from her legal team.

He said a judgment of negligence against Emara had been recorded in October this year, in the absence of any defence from the dentist.

Awarding a total of €77,750, Mr Justice Hanna said the treatment was "entirely inappropriate."

The judge said that Ms O'Gorman underwent pain and discomfort and also had a harrowing experience as the dentist also tried to deal with a problematic wisdom tooth.

The judge said it was a complex case and even when she later sought help from a specialist orthodontist, he had sought a second opinion before the brace was removed.

Judge Hanna said the specialists had agreed that remedial action to fix Ms O'Gorman's teeth would always have been a complex procedure, and should never have been attempted by a general dental practitioner.

"That was not done, and the consequences of that have been very unpleasant," he said.

He said Ms O'Gorman had found the entire experience 'tremendously traumatic and painful'.

"What she suffered was over and above what she ought to have experienced," he said.

He added: "She must deal every day with the public, and she is entitled to be concerned about her appearance, as we all are."

The judge said the brace was removed in 2016 and was caught in time and he now hoped she can look forward from the traumatic period in her life.

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