May 1st, 2017

Crime Desk

Garda punched and eye-gouged before attacker pepper sprayed

Padraig O'Brien

Community shuns cattle rustler who betrayed elderly friend

Gardai at the scene of the incident in the north inner city

Key Kinahan enforcer on the run after attempted murder

Detectives investigating the attack are hunting a key Kinahan enforcer

Francis Ryan

Dog-napper says he “lost the run of himself”

Gardai and forensics at the scene in Dublin yesterday

Bungling raiders leave gun and DNA at scene of cash box robbery

GAUDY: Conor McGregor and a relative of Liam Byrne living it up in Liverpool

Kinahan Cartel thugs enjoy high life with champ McGregor

Siobhan Philips and Tony Golden

Family want probe into shooting of Siobhan Phillips and Tony Golden

The parents of Siobhan Phillips, who was left for dead when her partner opened fire on her and Garda Tony Golden, are requesting an investigation "at the highest level" on behalf of their daughter into developments reported on in last night's RTE Primetime programme

Mark 'Guinea Pig' Desmond

Scumbag 'Guinea Pig's' family skip inquest

Gardai at the scene in Bayside today

Raiders hit cash van for €36k after opening safe box with grinder

Glen Clarke

Inept Kinahan cartel hitman lured to car and murdered

The bungling hitman who is believed to have been involved in the murders of two innocent men in separate cases of mistaken identity was lured to a van on the prospect of another trigger-man gig, only to be blasted in the face, according to reports