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Corrie's Fiz is all biz

Soap star Jennie McAlpine tells Caoimhe Young about all the latest drama in the world of Fiona Brown


Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz Brown in Coronation Street, on the red carpet.

Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz Brown in Coronation Street, on the red carpet.

Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz Brown in Coronation Street, on the red carpet.

With her unruly red hair and her gentle smile, Coronation Street's Fiz Brown is as much part of the cobbles as Betty's Hotpot once was.

Actress Jennie McAlpine has loved playing her for 20 years and puts her creative side down to her Irish roots, with a grandfather from Kerry and a grandmother from Sligo. Jennie tells Magazine+ about how the character is putting her life back together after a broken heart and her troubled on-screen daughter.

Fiz has had an awful few months - how is she feeling now about Tyrone and Alina?

I think she has started to feel like she could move on. Once she found out Alina was pregnant, she realised that he had made his bed and he had to lie in it. It didn't matter whether it was planned or not, this is his future and it is not with Fiz and her girls and she needs to get on with that.

How has Fiz been feeling since she started seeing Phil? Has he helped her move on?

Yes, it really has helped take the next steps to her new life. It came out of the blue for her at the perfect time after Tyrone had a go at her for doing the article. It really flattered her that he wanted to take her out, she couldn't understand why he is interested in her. In her mind she is the person whose partner left her for a younger sexy woman. She thinks she is the person that people leave, not the woman someone wants to take out.

What is it about Phil that she likes?

He has no ties, he has no kids, but he has an ex so he understands what that is like. She has met someone who spoils her and treats her right. Even before the fling with Alina things had got a bit like a pair of comfy old slippers between her and Tyrone. This relationship is totally different.

Has she been aware of Hope's behaviour starting to show worrying traits?

I think she has taken her eye off the ball a bit where Hope is concerned. Even Evelyn has been telling her to go out and enjoy herself and offering to look after the girls and she has really been putting herself first for once.

Does she worry that Hope might have had something to do with the fire?

I think it flashes through her brain because she does have history with fires, but it is literally for a moment and she pushes the thought to one side. The only reason she thinks Hope hasn't done it is because she was at home. It is similar to when Kirsty died, Fiz and Tyrone confide in each other. She tells him of her suspicions quite quickly and they know she is capable of it.

Hope is clearly very troubled. Fiz must be terrified about her daughter's future if indeed she was responsible for the fire?

Fiz knows that this is not the first time Hope has done something like this, so she knows that if she has done it, they would probably throw the book at her. She is also worried about Hope's lack of emotion when asked about what is going on and she is concerned about how that would look to the police. She does wonder if Hope has inherited some traits from her dad. Kirsty was not a good person, but as Tyrone points out, Ruby does not have the same behavioural problems as Hope and they have been brought up in the same environment.

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Do you think that Fiz would make the ultimate sacrifice for her daughter?

She may feel she has failed her daughter in some way and if she can stop her life from being ruined completely she might think this is the way to do it and take the rap.

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