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royal service Harry and Meghan may be self-important elites - but they did get Piers off the TV

I ended up feeling a bit sorry for Meghan, or as sorry as you can for a Duchess.


‘Oprah with Meghan and Harry

‘Oprah with Meghan and Harry

‘Oprah with Meghan and Harry

Piers Morgan, the royal family and a media boss have been taken down with one interview.

If Harry and Meghan had moaned a bit more they could have taken out the Northern Ireland Protocol while Oprah gasped, ‘you mean John Lewis won’t deliver to Strabane?’

But for a few hours work – someone had to explain the concept of work to Harry – it wasn’t a bad result.

I ended up feeling a bit sorry for Meghan, or as sorry as you can for a Duchess, that all she wanted was a golden life with her Prince and all she got was a golden cage.

With hindsight maybe she should have googled the in-laws a bit harder.

You’d think twice about marrying a family where granny’s not offering tea and digging out the good biscuits but expecting a curtsey and make it deep.

Virginal Kate got dog’s abuse for being too common, nicknamed ‘doors to manual’ because of her mum’s cabin crew past, while Diana got treated like a troublesome verruca and she was more royal than any of them, so a mixed race divorcee with notions about herself was never going to cut it.

The family can deny until it’s blue in the face that it’s racist but it’s as white as a courtier’s gloves.

When Oprah announced that it wasn’t Prince Philip who’d got the colour chart out to discuss any potential offspring’s complexion everyone mentally added ‘this time’.

On all previous occasions he’s made racially insensitive comments so who is really surprised that it’s rubbed off on his family?

The denial of racism also took out the Society of Editors boss Ian Murray who had to resign after accusing the couple of making accusations against the media without proof.

The proof is several years of accusing Meghan Markle of being a stone-cold cow fuelling drought and murder by eating avocados, holding her baby bump wrong, wearing dodgy diamonds and waging war on saintly Kate.

The endless feud stories between the sisters-in-law were worthy of Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy fighting to the death in a mud wrestle.

I know she’s a bit self-important, but Meghan hasn’t murdered anyone. Nor did she moan like her husband about the money tap being turned off. He’ll just have to get by on that multi-million-pound inheritance so I’ll cancel the whip round.

At least the royal couple did the world a favour by bumping Piers Morgan off breakfast television.

Attacking a heavily pregnant woman who’s sharing intimate details of her deepest darkest sadness just because she stopped taking your calls is bullying.

And it’s a bit rich to throw about diva accusations and then strop off like the biggest diva of all, but don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

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