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S-pine chilling Halloween Trees are a scary trend we could all do without

Trend in seasonal decor is truly scary...


Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree

So there I was, innocently scrolling through my Twitter feed this week, when I saw something so spine-chilling, it stopped my thumb dead in its tracks.

Over the years, the internet has given us some seriously scary trends, from the Bird Box challenge, which saw people go around blindfolded like Sandra Bullock in the Netflix movie, to the fire challenge, which - you've guessed it - involved participants lighting themselves up.

But it's the latest vogue for 'Halloween trees' that has me looking away from my phone in horror.

As you've probably guessed, the interior trend is where fans of the spooky celebration transform their Christmas tree from festive to frightening ahead of October 31.

Think tiny skulls instead of glitter baubles, cobwebs not tinsel and a witch's hat in place of the traditional star, and you've got the gist.

Or just head over to Instagram where, at last count, there was 45,469 posts with the hashtag #halloweentree with home dwellers showing off their spooky creations.

Now, not to be all 'boo humbug' about this, but when exactly did Halloween trees become a thing?

I don't know about you, but I seem to have a full-time job keeping the house free from creepy crawlies and their handiwork this autumn, without fecking having to hang up fake ones too.

It was only a matter of time before Halloween officially became the new Christmas, with matching jumpers for the family, greeting cards and themed gifts all creeping in over recent years.

With trick-or-treating back on this year, parents are sure to want to make it extra special for their little Squid Game guards and players, maybe by splashing €900 on a 9ft pitch black artificial pine tree or €8,500 on a moving 'Hellevator' that replicates the descent into eternal damnation.


Skeleton mask (stock)

Skeleton mask (stock)

Skeleton mask (stock)

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Who needs a Christmas cookie- scented Yankee Candle when you can have a bluetooth-enabled fog scent distribution system releasing such freaky fragrances as 'electric chair' and 'slaughterhouse' around the home this All Hallows' Eve.

It all makes carving pumpkins and playing the Ouija board look positively amateur.

After another hair-raising year, in a way I can't blame people for wanting to squeeze every last drop of fun out of every holiday - although I wouldn't have thought that one marking that precariously fine line between life and death would be the obvious choice.

Still, there's always someone who takes it too far, with reports of some 'Summerween' trees being erected as early as June. Secretly, I'm not convinced that the trend isn't just an elaborate ruse by some to overcome the Halloween rule by getting the Christmas decorations down from the attic early.

Either way, I'm drawing the line at the sickly 'Valentine's Day trees' that have started to pop up on social media each February. Ho-ho-just-no.

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