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CRUEL KIDS Fining parents is best way to stop their kids being bullies


Bullies make life a misery. Picture posed

Bullies make life a misery. Picture posed

Bullies make life a misery. Picture posed

Kids can be cruel. Anyone who has been a victim of bullying as a child - including me - knows that. I was reading an interesting report this week that said people who were bullied as children can carry post-traumatic stress right into their adult lives.

Bullying has evolved in recent years as a result of the internet and social media.

When I was growing up, bullies were only able to carry out their cruel acts in person. Now they use the internet to target their victims anonymously. That's cyber-bullying.

Unfortunately, this means their victims have no escape, even when they're at home where they should feel safe.

For years, post-traumatic stress was thought to be something only war veterans experienced, but research has shown this is very much not the case.

I've spoken in the past about how I was bullied as a child and the effects it had on me later in life.

I was taunted and targeted by a gang of kids from my school, and it got to the stage where I was terrified even going in every day.

The names I was called, the isol-ation, the pushes and shoves in the school yard - it all sticks with you, no matter what age you might be.

I've spoken on my radio show over the years with many parents whose children have been victims of bullying,

Tragically, some had even taken their own lives as a result of not being able to live with the constant harassment and being made to feel they're are worthless.

It's almost as if society accepts it.

We all talk about how bad it is, but nobody does anything about it.


Bullies are the worst kind of people, and we all have a responsibility as parents to make sure our children are not involved.

It's up to parents to educate their kids about the dangers of bullying and to monitor what they're getting up to online.

Knowing that childhood bullying can be so bad and so traumatic that it can affect people even into their adult lives is pretty horrendous.

In some parts of America, parents are held accountable for their child's persistent bullying and are even fined for their kids' actions.

I never thought I would say it, but I believe it's time to look at doing something similar here.

You can guarantee that, with the threat of a fine, parents will make it their business to know exactly what their children are doing online and to speak to them about bullying and generally take it a lot more seriously.

Nobody should be treated like a mental or physical punchbag for someone else. Something needs to be done to clamp down on this.

It has been going on for years without any proper action being taken.

How many more lives must be ruined - or even lost - at the hands of pathetic bullies before something is done?

It's time to say enough is enough.