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Kinahan spin Daniel Kinahan is attempting to re-write history with his ludicrous arrogant statement

"Ludicrous in its claims, jaw-dropping in its arrogance and devoid of fact it is a true vision into the dark heart of Daniel Kinahan and his ever greater distance from reality," writes Nicola Tallant.


 Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

I do wonder if there is a spare sunbed down at Mar a Lago because if today’s ‘statement’ by Daniel Kinahan is anything to go by – he is gone full Donald.

There is very little left to be shocked about when it comes to Kinahan but as I listened to the grotesque theatre on Talk Sport radio this morning I did have to wonder was I in dreams…. Or reality.

Kinahan is attempting to fully re-write history at this stage and thrilled by the fact that he "reached out", Talk Sport seemed perfectly happy to facilitate that.

I wonder how many individuals, suspected of such a horrendous catalogue of crime like Kinahan, would be allowed national airtime to release a lengthy statement, uninterrupted, un-challenged and totally self-serving like that read out today.

Ludicrous in its claims, jaw-dropping in its arrogance and devoid of fact it is a true vision into the dark heart of Daniel Kinahan and his ever greater distance from reality.


Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

“I have started from the bottom and worked my way up,” he states as he goes on to describe himself as the patron saint of boxers; dynamic, selfless and giving.

“I’m Irish. I was born and raised in Dublin. In a deprived area with serious levels of poverty, of crime, of under investment. People like me, from there, aren’t expected to do anything with their lives other than serve the middle and upper classes,” he states.

Kinahan was born and raised in Dublin, that bit is true, first in Tallaght and later in Oliver Bond flats where he used the family name to lead a brat pack of greedy and dangerous drug dealers who would go on to join him in Spain at the seat of his father’s power. They got rich while their neighbours got poorer and many lost hope.

There, under the direction of Dapper Don Christy Kinahan and his partner John Cunningham, they grew from an organised crime group into a mafia, one that eventually was handed down to Daniel to manage and control.

His rags to riches story centring on his love of boxing and his business prowess forged from a tough up-bringing is nothing more than a fantasy.

Kinahan is a multi millionaire because he has poisoned those working class neighbourhoods with drugs and with guns. He’s gifted countless kids with a future of pain, loss and suffering. He’s offered others a place at his golden table – a deal with the devil which only ends one way. He has directed a murderous mob who have terrorised the people of Ireland. He’s no proud son of Dublin. He is our shame.

“I firmly believe that my success has led to an increase in the campaign against me. Pretty much anything can be said about me, or inferred about me, and it goes unchallenged and is sadly believed,” he complains.

“Last week it was inferred that I had threatened a reporter. Let me be clear on this point before I address the other allegations against me. I have full respect for journalism. I have worked with journalists and I value their role.


Daniel Kinahan leaving court in Spain in 2010

Daniel Kinahan leaving court in Spain in 2010

Daniel Kinahan leaving court in Spain in 2010

"Journalists should always be free to do their job, free from any threat or harassment. I have never threatened a reporter or journalist or asked anyone to do that for me. I never have and I never would,” he states.

Daniel Kinahan does respect journalists – but just like Donald Trump - only those that agree with him and that print his words unchallenged. Journalists have been threatened by his mafia on a number of occasions and the current threats in place against BBC documentary makers are as a direct result of an expose of his negative influence in boxing.

“My concern is that I have not been on the receiving end of fair and credible journalism, especially in the UK and Ireland. The recent BBC Panorama programme is a good example. This was a rehash of unsubstantiated allegations that have been made previously on many occasions. It was unashamedly sensationalist and devoid of evidence or critical analysis,” he claims.

Panorama was nothing of the sort. In his world credible journalism is only that which he directs and which holds him up in adoration.

“I can’t be any clearer on the fundamental slur – I am not a part of a criminal gang or any conspiracy. I have no convictions. None. Not just in Ireland but anywhere in the world,” he states.

Kinahan has no convictions but he is a wanted man. “Why is there only a trial by media and not a criminal trial?” he asks.

Well maybe just like Donald his past is about to catch up and the final chapter may not be too far away.

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