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Keeping mum Andy's idea of justice is an absolute Duke

He'll keep on hiding behind his mum, and staying mum


Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew

Nobody is above the law, UK police warned last week as dirty old man allegations against Prince Andrew refused to go away.

The self-confessed BFF of dead child abuser Jeffrey Epstein would probably disagree. He's so far above the law he's currently in a hot air balloon somewhere beyond Balmoral.

Since those pesky kids who were victims of Epstein's turned into grown women seeking justice Andrew has employed a couple of reliable legal defences against accusations of sex crimes.

There's the Bill Clinton defence of 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman', or in this case a trafficked teenager.

He's also employed the Gerry Adams defence of 'I didn't do anything, ever, and if I keep repeating it for long enough someone will believe me.'

Gerry was only ever pictured in a beret. Andrew was famously pictured with his sweaty paw on the waist of Virginia Giuffre, who is now suing him for damages in a civil case.

Just to put their encounter in context he was 41 at the time, she was 17, and only five years older than his daughter Beatrice. I'll bet he regrets being nicknamed Randy Andy now.

The picture includes Ghislaine Maxwell, soon to face trial for pimping girls to her mate Jeffrey, and it's thought the picture was taken by Epstein.


Virginia Giuffre

Virginia Giuffre

Virginia Giuffre


But Andrew was never there, has no recollection of meeting Virginia, and the thick-as-champ royal with a side order of arrogance expects people not to believe what we can see with our own eyes.

He hasn't responded to the latest legal action from Ms Giuffre, but why would he? He's got away with backtracking on his pledge to help any US investigation, the Met police have twice decided not to bother probing Virginia's allegations of coerced sex too deeply, and she has huge legal hurdles to overcome before getting any sort of judgement against him. The only kind of cuffs Andrew is ever likely to encounter are the furry novelty variety.

He could still be swanning around the world doing dodgy deals with central Asian businessman if it hadn't been for his 2019 car crash Newsnight interview when His Royal Half-brain said his friendship with Epstein had been beneficial because he could score trade deals from it.

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It appears that the prince will continue to hide behind his elderly mother's throne and employ the ancient tactic of being rich and well-connected to stay beyond the law. It kept Epstein out of trouble for years.

The legal action from the poor kid from Florida who found her voice might never get him inside a courtroom, but it will at least ensure that his reputation stays in the toilet.

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