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'A sower went out wearing a face mask'


A parable for today: We can all play a part in helping others

A parable for today: We can all play a part in helping others

A parable for today: We can all play a part in helping others

Jesus might have told this parable:

"A terrible sickness struck a village. The people were terrified of getting sick and wanted to know what to do. The doctor asked the people to wear face masks to protect one another. We will, they all said. Some did for a while, but they found the masks uncomfortable, and made it difficult to breathe, so they soon stopped wearing them.

"The rabbi asked the people to share their food with the poor and sick. We will, they all promised. But many became more and more concerned for their own needs and that of their families, so they kept their barns and larders full - and locked.

"The mayor asked the merchants to close their shops and innkeepers to close their taverns so people would not gather and spread the sickness. We will they all agreed. They did so for a few days, but their profits dropped, and they could not pay their help, so, slowly, one by one, they quietly re-opened.

"Soon, the sickness took the lives of many in the poor village.

"But then there were the good people who understood that wearing face masks protected others from the sickness, who kept their distance from one another so the sickness would not spread, (even though they missed one another terribly), who readily shared what they had with those who had little. Of course it was very hard, and there were many days when they wanted to give up. But they persevered.

"Because of them, many people did not get sick and survived. Blessed are your eyes, because they see, and your ears, because they hear," Jesus would have said.

Our own response to the coronavirus is a good measure of the "richness" of our faith and its potential for the "seed" of God's Word to take root and realise in our lives the harvest of justice and compassion that is the Kingdom of God.

Adapted from 'Connections'

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