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Vogue: I can't get over the Late Late Valentine's Show outcry

Vogue at Craig David gig in London
Vogue at Craig David gig in London

Ah lads. I can’t quite believe what an uproar The Late Late show caused last week.

The show was a Valentine’s Day special and it managed to rake in 176 calls and 120 emails offering “negative feedback”.

The national broadcaster has also received 10 formal complaints.

In a statement, a spokesperson said: “RTÉ will respond to these complaints within 20 days, in keeping with RTÉ Complaints procedure established under the Broadcasting Act 2009.”

I personally thought the show was gas and my favourite part of it was the blind date section. It involved innuendo-laden Q&As and a ‘shift cam’ encouraging people to get their smooch on. 

Viewers were complaining that the audience seemed drunk, but they aren’t actually given enough booze to be anything more than tipsy – as a previous guest of the show I know this.

There seems to be an awful lot of prudes living on our Emerald Isle, but I’m certainly not one of them. 

I actually made a documentary all about sex a couple of years ago and it was very insightful and interesting, if I do say so myself. 

Being spanked on national television was definitely a first for me and luckily my parents didn’t see it.

I think we all need to be more open about sex; we all do it and it’s the most natural thing in the world. 

We are no longer ruled by the Catholic Church, birth control is now acceptable and judging by the people I met on my TV show we are all up for a lot of fun in the bedroom!

Another segment was with Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh, who discussed the correct protocol when taking part in a threesome and the dangers of sending explicit photos. 

Now I don’t think anyone should send naked pictures, at least not ones that can make them identifiable because of the risks around revenge porn. 

I actually think its very important to discuss sex, it’s not a taboo subject and young people need to be educated on it. 

I think nowadays girls are so easily slut-shamed because it would seem it’s unacceptable for a woman to enjoy sex. I actually get it all the time whenever I’m linked to someone. 

Now, in fairness, I’m linked to a new person every week so it would seem like I’m having an awful lot of fun, but to be honest the majority of them are just friends – bar one or two that I actually have dated. 

Even so, if I was with all of them, who bloody cares and who else’s business is it other than mine?

As Ireland was winding back the clock getting shocked about sex talk on the Late Late, Playboy magazine was also going back to the future by lifting the nudity ban introduced only a year ago.

I wouldn’t be a huge fan of the magazine myself, but a lot of models want to go nude so why shouldn’t they? 

It wouldn’t be something I would do myself, but they certainly get a lot of money for it. 

I did a shoot in just a thong before that was airbrushed out so I looked nude, but that’s as far as I’ve gone and I actually loved the shoot. 

Anyway, to all the people complaining about The Late Late Show, chill out and maybe inject a little bit more fun into your life (insert winky emoji here)!

I’ve had quite a full-on week, which was to be expected after being in Austria for so long. I go to physio every day at 7am until around 10am to strengthen up my knee for my operation on Thursday. 

I had loads of meetings and also have some really exciting news – but I have to keep that quiet for just a tiny bit longer! 

London Fashion Week started this weekend and I was going to swerve it this year because I do find it quite difficult to get around. 

I actually couldn’t help myself, though, and now my diary is totally full until next Thursday. I went to the Bright Young Things event in Annabel’s in London on Thursday evening, which was a lot of fun. 

I loved my dress from Dark Pink London and my flats were from River Island. I am confined to flats for three months and I miss my heels already, but I got loads of new pairs of flats from River Island so I can’t complain. 

After that event I went to see Craig David with one of my best friends Al. The gig was with 02 and was for the War Child charity that helps children in war-torn countries. All of the artists play for free and the sales go to the charity, it’s such a great cause. 

I haven’t seen Craig David in years and I have to say he was unreal. We had such a great night and I screamed along to all of the songs, as you do!

On Friday I went to the River Island LFW party. I bumped into loads of my friends at it so it was a great night. I wore all River Island to the event – and I’m obsessed with the boots I wore. I’ll fill you in on all the LFW goss in next week’s column, it’s going to be an exciting week.