July 20th, 2017


I barely walk around the gym dressing room fully naked. I’m not a prude, I just prefer being in my underwear.

Vogue: I don't fancy naked dating, I see enough in the gym

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

Taylor’s love life moved Swiftly – but bashing ex in public is not on

Vogue: My generation bears the brunt of badly run society

I read a study recently that was commissioned by the Department of Social Protection, which found young adults were twice as likely to experience quality of life problems.

Vogue Williams: Drunks on a plane caused me a mile-high nightmare

My auntie supports Trump – I need to divorce her

Leading Leave campaigner Boris Johnson

Vogue: Many Brits were unaware of the fallout of Brexit

Brock Allen Turner

Vogue: The way rape victims are treated is nothing short of disgusting

I was disgusted reading the news on the rape case involving Brock Allen Turner in Palo Alto, California

My generation deserves a say on the 8th

Let’s make an effort to show interest in the Irish language

Katie and Neil the paedophile hunters

Paedo hunters say they could catch a predator every day

As part of my current RTE series, I’m filming an episode called Trolled, Flamed and Minutes from Death