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Talent star Co Louth winner of BBC's 'Little Mix reveals how he dropped out of college to pursue music


Matthew Nolan

Matthew Nolan

BBC/Modest TV/Kieron McCarron

Matthew will join Little Mix on tour

Matthew will join Little Mix on tour



Matthew Nolan

LITTLE Mix TV show winner Matthew Nolan reveals that he wrote an inspirational letter to himself the day he dropped out of college to pursue his dream of pop stardom.

In an exclusive interview, Matthew (21) from Grangerath, Drogheda, tells the Sunday World that he had the note in his pocket while performing in the final of Little Mix - The Search two weeks ago, with new group Since September.

"I kept it in my wallet for the last two years, and the night we won I read it," says Matthew, whose group will now support Little Mix on their 2021 arena tour that includes two shows in Dublin's 3Arena next April.

"It was nice because I'd been scared back then to drop out of college, but the note was a little letter of inspiration to myself."

The young Louth man's message contained his mantra, 'It will work, it will work.'

Matthew says: "I hadn't read it in a year. I remembered how I felt when I was writing it, and I was comparing it to the feeling now.


"When I was writing it I was thinking, 'will this ever work?' I referenced my financial situation at the time. I was going on holidays the next week and I didn't have any money, but I ended it with a positive message: 'Today is the day my life changes, it will work, it will work.' In the blink of an eye, it went from writing that note to winning the show last Saturday week."

Speaking on Zoom from the guest bedroom in his family home - "my own bedroom is too messy to show," he laughs - Matthew says he hasn't had the opportunity to celebrate with his friends in Drogheda because he's been self-isolating since returning home from the U.K.

"I haven't met anyone because of the coronavirus, but the reaction has been very warm on social media and it's nice to have the home town support.

"It's nice now to see the texts from people in your home town and they're like, 'I remember this day two years ago you told me blah blah blah, and now you've done it.' That's nice. I just knew that I wanted to do this, and obviously it played out brilliantly."

Matthew paid tribute to both his parents, acknowledging that they have been very supportive. "My mam has always been my biggest fan, and my dad used to drive me to gigs when I was underage playing in pubs," Matthew says.

He is the only Irish member of Since September, which also includes Harry Holles (22), Jacob Fowler (20) and Patrick Ralphson (20).

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