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russian foolette Britain First 'minder' Sam Cochrane was part of embarrassing trip by vile hate group to 'mother Russia'

Cochrane watched hate preacher Paul Gilding give a speech describing Putin as 'patriot' and 'ally'


The head of Britain First security team (BFD), Sam Cochrane in Russia during a recent visit

The head of Britain First security team (BFD), Sam Cochrane in Russia during a recent visit

The head of Britain First security team (BFD), Sam Cochrane in Russia during a recent visit

Belfast race hate heavy Sam Cochrane was part of a Britain First delegation that went to the Russian parliament to kiss Vladimir Putin's a**e.

We can reveal Cochrane went to Moscow in 2019 where Britain First leader and convicted hate preacher Paul Golding gave a grovelling speech at the parliament about how great the Russian leader was and how much he admired him.

In what must surely be seen as an embarrassing speech now, Golding slammed the West and gushed: "I am a great admirer of President Vladimir Putin and what he has achieved for your sacred motherland.


Sam Cochrane

Sam Cochrane

Sam Cochrane

"Britain and Russia have together resisted the ambitions of tyrants for centuries. Millions of our citizens died fighting on the same side in these conflicts and for that reason, Great Britain and Russia should remain friends and allies."

And he had people back home reaching for the sick bucket when he signed off: "I would like to conclude by praising and applauding the patriotism of the Russian people and your President, Vladimir Putin.

"May God bless our common cause and reward our efforts in the years to come."

Cochrane, Golding's Head of Security, is from Carrickfergus and we revealed two years ago how he had his phone seized by anti-terror cops at Belfast International Airport after returning from England where he'd been 'protecting' Golding at a far-right demo in Derby.

Here's 44-year-old Cochrane on a second trip to Moscow posing in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where he was part of a Britain First delegation that laid a wreath at the memorial which is right beside the Kremlin.


The head of Britain First security team Sam Cochrane, stands with Andrew Edge at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Moscow.

The head of Britain First security team Sam Cochrane, stands with Andrew Edge at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Moscow.

The head of Britain First security team Sam Cochrane, stands with Andrew Edge at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Moscow.

Golding had boasted about being given special access to the memorial which he says wasn't open to the public.

The wreath had the words: "Mother Russia, Thank you for your sacrifice, God bless your heroes and your motherland, Lest we forget, Britain First".

Golding said he laid the wreath, bowed and gave a "British salute".

Last night Golding defended his gushing praise for Putin despite the war in Ukraine.

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Golding told us: "Yes, I've been full of praise for Putin but I've been full of praise for Boris Johnson when he does something right on certain issues.

"He's (Vladimir Putin) a mixed bag," said Golding. "We were invited by one of the opposition parties to speak at the parliament and I never met Vladimir Putin.

"We have been to Russia to see the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia several times and were invited by them to speak at the Russian parliament.

"But we don't have any plans to be back out in the immediate future because of what's happening in Ukraine. We hope some day we will return and we hope to visit Ukraine too."

According to a source, Golding, who has registered Britain First's home in Donaghadee, Co Down, used his time in Moscow to deposit tens of thousands of pounds in a series of Russian bank accounts.


Paul Golding gave a speech in the Russian Parliament.

Paul Golding gave a speech in the Russian Parliament.

Paul Golding gave a speech in the Russian Parliament.

But now it's understood he may never see the cash again because of sanctions imposed on Russia.

On that, Golding denied the claims replying: "Good grief, we wish we had money stashed away in Russian accounts."

And having been ordered by the High Court to pay his former lover and deputy Jayda Fransen £75,000, Golding has gone on a begging bowl blitzkrieg by targeting a string of Northern Ireland hotels to claim they are housing migrants.

The hate-filled cheap shot videos, which don't actually prove anything about the status of the confused people in them, are used to generate donations for an increasingly desperate Golding.

Ironically Golding had been invited by Putin's political cronies along with a string of other far-right groups from across Europe to speak to the parliament and each one gushed about the Russian leader.

It's ironic because Putin has claimed he invaded Ukraine because he says the country has been taken over by far-right nationalists and he is trying to "de-Nazify" it - yet here is the UK's most infamous far-right group at the very centre of Russia's political system.

Last month we revealed how Golding had been hit with a £75,000 judgment at Belfast High Court after Fransen successfully sued him having claimed Golding had beaten her up and stolen money from her.

Also on the court papers list - deemed liable to pay Fransen due to their party officer role - is Golding 'fan-boy' Sam Cochrane.

But Golding told this paper he and his party hadn't been served the court papers correctly by Jayda.

"They were default judgments and we have the paperwork in order to have those set aside," he claimed. "She failed to serve all the people with the papers correctly. She'll end up owing us money after all of this."

And Golding - recently exposed by a former British squaddie who went on record to accuse Britain First of exploiting him and "robbing" him of £15,000 - has scored yet another financial own goal.

For we can reveal Golding has reportedly deposited over £100,000 in Russian bank accounts, according to a source.

But thanks to his 'hero' Vladimir Putin, it looks like he's no hope of getting that cash back.

After the Moscow madman launched an invasion on Ukraine over two weeks ago sanctions brought against Russia in protest by the West have meant Golding has almost no chance of releasing the funds from his secret Russian accounts, a source has told the Sunday World.

Golding is facing financial problems after he and Britain First were sued after they falsely alleged that the Halal Food Authority and its two employees were involved in funding terrorism.

Six months ago Golding agreed to pay what was described as "substantial damages" which have been estimated as being as high as £500,000.

Golding and Fransen made the false claims against the authority, which inspects food and drink to ensure compliance with Halal principles and practices, in two videos which were published to a large number of their followers on various social media platforms in February 2017.

But a former pal claims Golding has been making a fortune from donations which are often made on the backs of vulnerable people including ex-soldiers.

Recently a homeless ex-squaddie took to social media and claimed Britain First had raised over £15,000 for him in a fundraiser but that the party took almost all of it for themselves.

The source said: "Golding has no staff, no offices, pays no wages as such and begs for money every single day, sometimes twice a day!

"He brings in between 12 and 20k per month with little outgoings so it's easy to stash away 75k a year, no problem but I have no idea if he got it out before the sanctions or not. I hope not."

In 2020 Golding was convicted of an offence under the Terrorism Act after he refused to give pin codes for an iPhone and Apple computer to police officers in 2019 when he was stopped at Heathrow Airport on his return from Moscow.

In 2018, both he and Fransen were convicted of religiously aggravated harassment. Golding was jailed for 18 weeks and Fransen for 36 weeks.

In 2019, Facebook banned Britain First, Golding and Fransen from its platform.

In his speech to the Russian Parliament Golding also lambasted Western countries for running "smear campaigns" against Putin.


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