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The impossible can happen and we can all change our lives

Be optimistic and never throw in the towel
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Father Brian D’Arcy

Whatever about his religious beliefs, I am going to share a quote which indicates why Boris Johnston will never make a reliable prime minister.

At a press conference he was asked to comment on a complicated issue. This is how he added to the confusion. "I could not fail to disagree with you less."

That is a quotation I am going to learn off by heart. And the next time I am asked an awkward question on television I am going to answer it in that way. I will be half-way home before anyone unravels what I have said. And if they do, good luck to them because I haven't a clue what it means.

Life is about unravelling complicated issue. It's about recognising that we are on an exciting journey; we can never know where the journey ends. The journey is our life.

There's a story from China which has a special meaning in my life. The story goes something like this. "Once upon a time there lived an Emperor who owned a majestic white stallion. It was the finest beast in the Kingdom. One night a thief who knew the value of the horse, tried to steal the horse.

He was captured by the palace guards and thrown into prison. Next morning he was called before the Emperor. He had no defence and therefore the Emperor decreed that the thief be put to death.

Immediately the thief bowed deeply and said, "Your judgement is proper and wise O Emperor. But my life is of little value. I would like to offer you a gift before I depart.

"Your horse is the finest horse in all the Empire, but he could be even greater. If your eminence would spare my life for just one year and a day I swear to you that I can teach your horse to sing."

The Court burst into laughter but the Emperor was intrigued. His horse was valuable now but supposing the horse could sing then there would be no limit to his value. No matter how far fetched it seemed he agreed and accepted the offer from the thief.

As they were leaving the Court the jailer and his friends whispered to the thief, "You're a fool you cannot teach a horse to sing. You will most certainly be put to death."

"I am a fool?" queried the thief smiling broadly. Much can happen in a year and a day. First of all the Emperor may die. The horse may die. I may die. And who knows perhaps the horse will learn to sing."

It is most definitely a parable for life. Many things can happen to us on our journey. The impossible can happen and change our lives. We should never throw in the towel. Be optimistic. Believe. Perhaps the horse will learn to sing!

Enzo Ferrari once said:"To finish first, you must first finish. Ernest Hemmingway makes the same point. "It is a good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end."

How true that is.

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