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Meet the kids who are raking in millions from YouTube

YouTube's biggest hits make up to €150,000 per post with a billion views of them playing

Allie Sherlock ended up on the Ellen show

Eugene Masterson

They are the social media kids - including an Irish teenager - who are raking in millions.

YouTube has opened up a new route to stardom for budding influencers, dominating the social media landscape over the last decade and creating stars out of the likes of PewDiePie, Logan Paul and more.

But there's a host of successful and wealthy YouTubers who aren't even out of primary school.

Cork teenager Allie Sherlock, who shot to fame here when she was spotted busking on Irish streets, was flown to the US to appear on a top American chat show.

A video of her performing Ed Sheeran's Supermarket Flowers went viral in 2017 and she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show the following year.

Allie left primary school in 2016 and is homeschooled by her father Matt, who also uploads her videos. She has signed a five-year deal with Patriot records, owned by One Republic singer Ryan Tedder.

She is not the only youngster in a list of lucky YouTubers coining it in from the channel.

Jonathan and Anna Saccone, also from Cork, upped and left Ireland to live in London with their children - who range in age from two to eight - and put up videos of their life.

They have 1.8m subscribers, charge €500 for each video and are worth €1.5 million.

There are several other notables from Ireland who've made money, including Elena and Clara (10 and 13), €675,000; Jessie Beauty (17) €155,000; LS Mark €63,000; Ilana (14) €30,000; Jaffa Man (16) €30,000; and Callum (12), who hails from Derry and has made €44,000.

From toy reviews to comedy skits and vlogs following their everyday lives, kids on the platform earn thousands per post and some have already banked millions from their YouTube careers.

"YouTube is the most popular babysitter in the world," says Eyal Baumel, CEO of management company Yoola, which specialises in digital stars on YouTube.

Videos with children in them average almost three times as many views as other types of videos from high-subscriber channels, according to surveys, which note that 81 per cent of parents with children aged 11 or younger let their kids watch YouTube, which itself is nearly 14 years old.

Here is the top lucky seven under the age of 12 who are making their mark on YouTube, in a list compiled by

1: Leading the bunch is a seven-year-old - who is worth a fortune of €77 million.

Anastasia Radzinskaya is now so famous that brands like Legoland and Dannon are shelling out six-figure sponsorship deals for her.

That's not surprising given she has more than 64 million subscribers on YouTube and a further 40 million or so on six channels, with nearly 50 billion views. She gets around €150,000 for each video she posts.

Born in southern Russia with cerebral palsy, Anastasia - or Natasha as she's widely known - is an unlikely media star as her doctors feared she would never be able to speak.

To document her development through treatments, her parents posted videos of her on YouTube so friends and relatives could see the progress.

The videos are run of the mill stuff, showing her jumping around on an inflatable castle, playing with her cat and going on excursions with her dad.

They are all accompanied by catchy music and voice-over giggles. The little girl soon gained followers around the world.

Her biggest hit was a 2018 trip to the petting zoo with her father Yuri that featured the two dancing to Baby Shark, milking a pretend cow and eating ice cream. That video has garnered nearly a billion views.

Two years ago she moved with her parents from Russia and now lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

Anastasia Radzinskaya

2: Coming a close second is six-year-old Eva Diana (Kids Diana Show), who has 73 million subscribers, earns €95,000 a posting and has a fortune of €75m.

Based in the Ukraine, hers is currently the third most viewed YouTube channel in the world.

Diana's early videos focus on children's songs, learning English, reviewing toys, and vlogging. Many of her videos focus on her in pretend play or dressing up as a princess.

She also has a number of music videos, with songs created just for kids. Her most-watched video, Diana and her Barbie Car - Camping Adventure, has over one billion views.

Eva Diana

3: Next up is nine-year-old Ryan Kaji, with 27 million subscribers

Ryan, from Texas, got his start on YouTube when he was just three years old by unboxing toys on camera.

His mother quit her job as a secondary school chemistry teacher to focus on his channel full time.

He's matured to conducting science experiments and branched out beyond YouTube. Ryan now has a line of more than 100 branded toys, clothing and home goods sold in big American stores such as at Target and Walmart, online Amazon, a spinoff television show on Nickelodeon and a deal with Hulu to repackage his videos.

Ryan Kaji

4: In fourth place are Vlad and Nikita Vashketov, aged seven and five. They have nearly 60 million subscribers, earn €206,000 for each posting and are worth €63m.

Russian-American Vlad (7) and Niki (5) and sometimes their mother, Victoria Vashketova and little brother, feature in the videos as they pretend play, travel or engage in other activities.

Vlad, Nikita and their parents Sergey and Victoria run 15 YouTube channels about Vlad and Nikita in 11 languages.

They started their YouTube channel nearly three years ago with content largely focusing on themes of togetherness and sharing.

In most of the videos, Vlad and Nikita are playing with toys, telling stories, vlogging in Dubai and other countries, pretend play and advertising.

Sometimes nursery rhymes are implemented in some form in their videos. Their most popular video is Magic Little Driver ride on Toy Cars and Transform cars for kids.

5: Brothers Calvin (8) and Kaison (4), better known online as CKN Toys, are Australian YouTubers.

Their content includes videos of them reviewing toys, opening giant surprise eggs and dressing up as superheroes. They are based in Melbourne. They are currently the third most subscribed Australian YouTube channel.

The boys are worth €26m, have more than 16 million subscribers and get €35k per post.

Calvin and Kaison

6: Maria Clara and JP are Brazilian YouTubers.

They have been producing original content since 2015 in Rio de Janeiro. The channel shows the games and life of the brother and sister.

Maria Clara is the younger sister of João Pedro. Along with JP, Maria Clara records videos that show her daily life and challenges, games, theatre and songs are part of their channel content.

The kids, aged eight and 11, are worth €20m, have nearly 24 million subscribers and get €38k each post.

7: Maxim 'Max' Fedoruk, better known online as Mister Max (6), is a Russian YouTuber from Odessa.

The channel was opened by Max's father. At first, he simply shot funny videos with the participation of children, and then what was happening became more like a family television series.

The mother of the children also later began to take part in the work, so this is now a family business, with the focus on brother and sister Maxim and Katya, unpacking sweets and toys and testing them, shopping, and outdoor activities, like swimming in the pool, playing games and eating ice cream.

They have nearly 20 million subscribers, charge €21,000 each posting and are worth €18m.

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