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US mum blows up on TikTok after school claims daughter's pig drawing features penis

However, the colourful creation was deemed “inappropriate” by the Hanover-Horton Elementary School tutor as they claimed pig's bow tie depicted male genitalia.

Sierra Carter and the offending picture

The school argued that the drawing caused concern

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A furious mother has blown up on TikTok after her daughter's school teacher confiscated a drawing of a pig as they said its colourful bowtie looked like a penis.

Recoding a clip to the social media site, Michigan mum Sierra Carter said she had received a phone call from her 11-year-old's art teacher regarding the work entitled ‘Piggie’.

The picture features the farmyard animal waving its arms, alongside a speech bubble that simply reads, ‘hi’.

However, the colourful creation was deemed “inappropriate” by the Hanover-Horton Elementary School tutor as they claimed pig's bow tie depicted male genitalia.

In the clip, that has generated more than 800,000 views, Sierra recorded how she got a phone call from her daughter's teacher.

“She is in fifth grade, she is 11 years old,” she began.

The school argued that the drawing caused concern

“Her teacher told me that my daughter had drawn something inappropriate in the art class and that a little boy had come up to her and made her aware that he thought my daughter drew ‘boy parts’ on her pig project.

“She went over and asked my daughter for all of her papers... My daughter told her teacher straight away that she drew a bow tie.

“But the teacher proceeded to take all of her papers from her and then she said she had to give my daughter's project to the vice principal of the school.”

Sierra revealed that she was then called into a meeting.

“I get there this morning and they take me into a conference room, and I sit down with the teacher and the social worker for the school.

“They hand me her art project that was just ‘so offensive’ and as soon as I look at it, I'm like: ‘Are you fricking kidding me?’

“I literally slammed my hand down on the table and I said: ‘To be completely frank with you, I am p****ed. Why are we sitting here right now? And why was there a big deal made of this. It's a fricking bow tie’.

“They tell me that when they gave it to the principal to ask him what his thoughts were on the whole thing, the first thing that he said was ‘write her up’.”

After she demanded that principal be brought in so she could discuss the drawing with him, she pointed out that it was just a bow tie.

Sierra said: “[The principal] goes ‘a bow tie is a bow’.

“And I'm like, ‘I'm sorry my daughter is no Monet, but to her a bow tie is a bow and a tie. And if another kid happened to look at it and think it was something else that sounds more like a he-problem than a she-problem. Why you're making this my daughter's problem, I don't know’.”

According to Sierra, the principal then agreed not to write up the incident, but claimed that he wanted to keep the artwork on file in case any future issues arose.

“My daughter has never been inappropriate,” Sierra stormed. “She has never even talked about ‘girl parts’ or ‘boy parts’, has never drawn anything at home or at school or anything.”

Repeatedly insisting that her daughter had not done anything wrong, she ended by saying she had been left “super confused”.

Her argument that her daughter's teacher should have shut the whole issue down from the start was backed up by others who had seen the clip.

One wrote: “The social worker could have stopped this issue in seconds, shameful! The adults have their heads in the gutter.”

Another said: “As an administrator I am so sorry that you had to deal with this. When I saw the pic I thought “you are kidding me” keep sticking up for your kiddo!”

A third added: “You have GOT to be kidding me! That’s ridiculous! It’s clearly a bow tie and the teachers/principal/social worker should be ASHAMED!!”

However, one smart suggestion involved turning the controversial drawing into a T-shirt design and selling them for $24.99.

Sierra has since posted a series of other updates to her followers on the video-sharing platform, thanking people for their support and revealing that her daughter can sometimes struggle at school and with socialisation due to her ADHD.

Sierra, who also met with the superintendent after the incident, said: “I just want the school to understand how hurtful their accusations are towards my daughter and I just want them to make it right.

“I just want them to apologise and I don't want my daughter to feel like she's constantly in trouble for something because she's working so hard to be good at school.”

A statement issued by the superintendent said that it was “unfortunate that a one-sided narrative has been created on social media that paints our staff in a negative light.

“As with every situation, there are two sides to this story. In this case, a student appropriately brought concerns to the attention of our staff.”

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