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Nude awakening 'I would prefer to strip than to be on OnlyFans' - Influencer Caitlin Brady (25) warns of the potential dangers of using X-rated site

The money-making potential for users of X-rated site OnlyFans is good, but a heavy price is paid by some who trade there...


Caitlin Brady

Caitlin Brady

Caitlin Brady

IT has being sold as a goldmine for glamorous young women - but one gorgeous Dubliner has said 'OnlyFans' has a dark side too.

Caitlin Brady, 25, is now warning young women of the potential dangers of the saucy subscription-only service which allows users to sell nude photos and steamy videos via monthly memberships.

The X-rated platform recently hit the headlines after actress Bella Thorne earned more than $2 million within less than a week of opening her account.

For Caitlin, who previously worked as a part-time stripper while living abroad, the allure of the social media site was instant.


"I posted naked photos but always had something covering me and then people could tip me and I would show them more for an extra tenner or twenty quid. That's basically how it worked.

"People would ask for videos of me slapping my a**e and asking me to write my name on my bum or chest.


Regrets: Caitilin had Brazilian butt surgery and was insecure about her body

Regrets: Caitilin had Brazilian butt surgery and was insecure about her body

Regrets: Caitilin had Brazilian butt surgery and was insecure about her body

"One person asked me to say their name seductively and I tried that but I couldn't take it seriously."

"I would feel so empowered getting that quick bit of money but then I would look at what I had to do for it."

The beauty therapist who lives in Swords first heard about the cash-making site when she was living in Canada.

"I was afraid to sign up because of what my mam and family would think, so instead I was sending pictures on Snapchat and receiving money for that."


Finally taking the plunge, Caitlin revealed: "In the first couple of weeks I had 180 subscribers. I first set my subscription at €20 and then felt bad because I wasn't really posting much so dropped it down to €10.

"I wasn't working at the time but I was definitely making what people would make in a full-time job and a little more - a couple of grand a month."


Detailing the pitfalls that come with exposing yourself online, the social media influencer said: "It is a full-time job, it is not as easy as people make it out to be. I can honestly say I would prefer to strip than to be on OnlyFans. I went through a period of time when I was getting the worst abuse I was waking up in the morning to people talking about how I was a fat girl.

"Whereas when I was working as a stripper I had so much power, when I said no, it meant no. I could go in as Chanel and come out as Caitlin, nobody knew me and I was anonymous."


Pregnant pause: Caitlin Brady says she does not want to be on OnlyFans now that she has a baby on the way

Pregnant pause: Caitlin Brady says she does not want to be on OnlyFans now that she has a baby on the way

Pregnant pause: Caitlin Brady says she does not want to be on OnlyFans now that she has a baby on the way

The expectant mum was also the victim of online harassment and blackmail.

"Someone asked me to twerk naked and then filmed the whole thing and then messaged me and said they were going to make a show of me and send it around to everyone. He said, 'You are going to cry blood.' I just told him to go ahead if he was going to do it and in the end he didn't release it and apologised."

Despite her concerns, Caitlin still supports the women who are on the platform.

"I back the girls doing it, go you and get your money. I have heard people say that the women on it are prostitutes of social media but I have to disagree.

"It can be empowering for women that want to earn extra cash as long as they know what they are getting into."


The businesswoman, who is expecting her first child in November, is now looking to launch her own beauty empire.

"I am focusing now on doing beauty and I have hopes of opening my own salon. I am having a little girl now I would never want her to see pictures of videos of me online.

"I understand the appeal because when I was doing Only Fans I could see the money I was making but when I found out I was pregnant I just said I can't do this anymore.

"I got so many texts from guys on Instagram saying, 'I have a fetish and if you are still interested in doing Only Fans let me know.'

"I just kept thinking my baby is in there and I don't want people looking at that. There was just no way was going to do that.

"I had so many girls messaging me thinking that I was living a luxury lifestyle. And it's actually totally the opposite.

"Most people show off their cars or houses but they don't talk about how it can affect your mental health. I still feel like posting my pictures wasn't a good idea."


With a growing number of women now going under the knife to alter their appearance due to unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated online, Caitlin who also underwent a Brazilian butt surgery and lipo suction urges young women to think twice.

"They took the fat from everywhere and injected into my bum. My surgeon told me, 'your whole body will feel like it has been in a car crash', and that's how it felt.

"I couldn't sit down for a few months I had to sit on a pillow. I hope other girls don't fall into the same trap.

"I was so body conscious but when I look back I think I could have been happy in my own skin. When I look back I get a little disappointed in myself.

"Now I feel at peace I haven't been this happy in so long. I don't have to suck in and stick my ass out anymore."