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summer of love Dating coach Frances Kelleher gives her tops tips for the hot vaxxed summer coming our way


Kerry-based coach Frances Kelleher advises to see finding love as your ‘number one priority in life’.

Kerry-based coach Frances Kelleher advises to see finding love as your ‘number one priority in life’.

Kerry-based coach Frances Kelleher advises to see finding love as your ‘number one priority in life’.

Online dating sky-rocketed during lockdown, but with increasing numbers of singles who are now #vaxxedandwaxed, there's no excuse not to get back out there this summer of love, says dating coach Frances Kelleher.

"Old-fashioned courting made a big comeback during the pandemic because people were forced to take things slower and get to know the person better," the Kerry-based love guru says.

"The downside is that many people have not followed through on that connection by taking it offline.

"There has never been a better time to date as people are looking for a real connection - all you have to do is stop swiping and start flirting."

"Make finding love your number one priority in life. Successful people - be it in business, sports or Hollywood - do something every day that gets them nearer to their goal. In other words, they work at it. Do not put work before your social life. Get out as much as you can and say 'yes' to everything you are invited to. Love is a numbers game so meet as many people as you can."

"Practise your social skills by talking to everyone - man, woman and child. That way, when you see someone you like, you won't be as nervous about striking up a conversation as you'll have had lots of practice. For example, if you are in a coffee shop, you could say: 'Do you know if they sell jam doughnuts? I've such a craving for one.' Be friendly, smile and put your phone away. It's much harder for someone to approach you or make eye contact when you're glued to your phone."

"Ninety-nine per cent of clients, men and women, tell me they would rather meet in person - so I strongly advise doing your best to meet people in real life. Having said that, one in three people meet online, and if you are in a rural area with a low population, online can be a great resource. The key is to take it offline as quickly as possible. Only use dating apps to cast your net wide and connect with more potential partners. Ultimately, you have to meet in person and use all five senses to know if you are attracted to the other person or not."

"Give everyone a chance. Sometimes we need to get to see someone's personality a bit more for us to fall for them. One client told me she used to care about the type of shoes a guy wears. Since lockdown, she just wants to meet someone who will be there for her in tough times. Values are what keep a relationship together long-term, so it's important to look for someone with the same values. I would also advise making a list of your absolute deal breakers so you're fully aware of what you won't accept."

"Go on a short first date such as a walk or a coffee - not a two or three-hour dinner. Most women I speak to say their ideal date is a relaxed walk and a coffee afterwards if things are going well. Short first dates take the pressure off both parties as they are getting to know each other. It also helps to keep the mystery and desire alive. If a guy reads the signs right, and listens, he should know whether to go in for a kiss at the end of the night or not. If he can't read the signs, he should just ask."

"People can meet anywhere so have an open mind. I have one friend who met her partner on the street while walking to work. Another person I know met their partner while grocery shopping. My biggest advice is to do everything you are open for, whether it's joining a dating agency, going virtual speed dating, or playing the field offline. You never know when or where you'll meet 'the One'."

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