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Your luck is Inn with pints at €5.20 if you visit Enfield’s new five-star bar

They barmen were both dressed in black slacks and white shirts with the old-style traditional apron to match.

The newly-opened Gregory Inn Bar in Enfield gets five stars

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The Gregory Inn - Enfield

AS Pub Spy and his crew sat around HQ this past week trying to decide where to go, the Old Commando strolled in late, as usual.

“Don’t stress yourselves at all. I have the spot. I got a tip off during the week” he told us. “Give me a second until I get my glasses out and I read this text” he continued.

“The Gregory Inn” he said out loud. “It’s a new pub in Enfield not far from here, only down the road. Let’s go check it out” the Old Commando stated enthusiastically.

It was a relatively short trip down the M4 and within forty five minutes we add arrived in this small commuter town.

“Where did you hear about this place or what do you know about it” the Young Commando enquired.

“A friend of mine was here recently for grub and told me it needs to be seen to be believed” the Old Commando replied.Our designated driver parked the pub-mobile across the road from the ‘The Gregory Inn’ and as we stepped inside the front door we knew immediately we’d stumbled upon a gem.

We veered right when we entered and into the bar area but surprisingly enough it was very quiet. It gave us a chance to stand back and admire our beautiful surroundings for a few minutes but we decided to move to the lounge area where the vast

majority of the customers were and more importantly where the two barmen were working.

They were both dressed in black slacks and white shirts with the old style traditional apron to match. We were served without delay and the younger of the two barmen, a huge Arsenal fan by his own admission, was gabbing the ear off Pub Spy while he poured our drinks.

He was a very friendly young man and well able to engage with the punters which is just what you want from your barman.

The creamy pints of stout cost €5.20 and Pub Spy has been on the record for quite some time about the cost of porter these days. It’s too high and you should always have change from a €5 note.

However, on this occasion we were more than happy to forgive the publican as this pub is truly stunning, an incredible spectacle that they owners should be incredibly proud of.

The furnishings are of the finest quality with brown leather armchairs that you wish you could afford to have in your home, that new leather smell still emanating throughout the building.

The timber wall panelling is at least twelve feet high from the floor while the antique lanterns hanging throughout the pub are exquisite.

“How come we were never here before boss,” the Young Commando asked. “What a beautiful pub.”

“I was here twenty odd years ago but it was known as Flattery’s back then – but that closed a few years ago now” the Old Commando informed.

There was a mixed clientele throughout the lounge and one local informed us that ‘Flattery’s’ closed down in early 2014 and the pub remained empty until recently when Jim and Martina Gregory took over it during the summer.

“It’s only open six or seven weeks” the local said.

They serve food in this pub too and there is a dining area towards the rear of the lounge. As of Wednesday, they began doing evening meals but unfortunately we’d already had our dinner before we left. We’ll know for next time.

We counted at least nine TVs throughout the pub, a very modern looking jukebox in the bar as well as a very modern looking gaming machine which includes games such as roulette as well as poker.

The toilets checked out fine and there wasn’t a single flaw we could find with ‘The Gregory Inn’.

Best wishes to the owners on their new venture and congratulations to the people of Enfield. You’re very lucky to have this five star gem on your doorstep.

Rating: Five pints out of Five

One for the road…

The Slighe Mór - Enfield

THERE was a lively atmosphere when Pub Spy & the team stopped off for a quick pint in this busy boozer in Enfield.

We’d been here before and are happy to report that things are still running smoothly. The barman on duty served us immediately and he engaged us briefly in conversation but as he was working alone he was far too busy to stand around gossiping.

There is a jukebox located beside the counter and one customer in particular was a huge Johnny Cash fan so that kept the Old Commando quite happy also.

We were surprised to see framed Dublin and Kildare jersey’s hanging at the end of the bar while the framed Meath one was hidden away behind a gaming machine. There are seven TV’s in the bar and also a pool table.

The toilets were compact with a stainless steel urinal and one cubicle.

Rating: Three pints out of Five

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