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Pubspy - Tallaght Just like the good old times in Ahernes in Tallaght

I remember it well for two reasons. One, it’s a beautiful pub and two, the stout was only €4 a pint” he sniggered.


Ahernes in Old Bawn in Tallaght has never lost its character

Ahernes in Old Bawn in Tallaght has never lost its character

Ahernes in Old Bawn in Tallaght has never lost its character

Ahernes, Tallaght

THIS was our first outing together as a group in Dublin since February 2020. While we’ve enjoyed being back on the road these past few weeks, this was a particularly good moment for us.

Back on home soil, doing what we love most, drinking pints and savouring that good old Dublin atmosphere. Oh how we’ve missed it.

Our latest outing took us to Ahernes pub in Tallaght, a venue we hadn’t been to in almost a decade. “June 2012” the Old Commando told us from the back seat of the pub-mobile, “That’s the last time we were here,” he continued.

“I remember it well for two reasons. One, it’s a beautiful pub and two, the stout was only €4 a pint” he sniggered.

As our designated driver parked our wagon in the spacious car park provided at the pub, we were full sure it was still a beautiful pub but we didn’t hold out much hope that the pints of Guinness would be still only €4. Wishful thinking!

The car park closes here at 1am but of course in this day and age it’s highly unlikely you’d still be on licensed premises at that hour of the night and our Commandos were discussing how they actually like the new closing time.

It’s one of the few things they’ve got used to under the regulations in the “new normal” and they all agreed they’ve less of a hangover when they get home to bed early and get a decent night’s sleep. The acid test will occur after October 22 when the restrictions are all dropped — let’s see if they’ll race home to their cots.

There was one barman on duty in each section of the pub during our stay and it was the more experienced hand who served us when we arrived.

Producing our Covid cert was the first thing on the agenda and it was a very black and white situation — you either have it or you don’t. If you didn’t, it was outside to the yard to enjoy your pint. The barman told us to take a seat wherever there was one free before dropping our pints to the table. Table service is another aspect of the new rules we like.

We paid €4.60 for the creamy pints of Guinness and despite the 60c increase from nine years ago on our last visit, it is still less than we had paid in Offaly and Kildare in the previous weeks gone by.

“There you go now, Dublin’s not such a rip off is it?” our Young Commando said.

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There was a mixed clientele in the pub, mostly middle aged to elderly couples, but a nice atmosphere that was calm and relaxing. Nobody was flouting the rules and we’ve no doubt if anyone attempted to, the barman would have dealt with it immediately. He was very stern.

There are at least four TVs with F1 and horse racing the sports of choice during our stay. Rockshore Light, Island’s Edge, Tuborg, Five Lamps and Beamish were just some of the drinks available on draught and there are plenty of sporting photos hanging proudly on the walls, including Dublin’s hurlers and Ireland rugby teams.

With such a large indoor space there is certainly no issue catering for groups of six to each table and still be very busy. While we’re sure they’d like to have their pub back to full capacity, they can certainly consider themselves luckier than others who may not have any more than two or three tables. There is also a huge beer garden at the back of the pub while a book-maker is located just next door which is convenient for sports fans.

We were three pints in when the Young Commando had to break his seal and he reported back no faults from the toilets.

Pub Spy and the team enjoyed their trip out the Old Bawn road in Tallaght and we plan to visit a lot more Dublin boozers in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Rating: Four pints out of Five

One for the road

The Old Mill, Tallaght

THERE was tight security at the front door of the Old Mill bar and restaurant when we called for a visit recently.

We hadn’t made a reservation, nor did we think we’d have to, but eventually we were afforded a table at the counter and agreed we’d only stay for one or two. It wasn’t overly busy in our section with just the usual barflies watching horse racing and golf, but the dining section downstairs had a constant steady flow of customers passing through.

There are multiple TVs throughout the bar and the staff members were neatly dressed in shirt and ties. An ATM is located inside the front door and there is a vast amount of seating throughout the pub.

We noticed there are plenty of signs advertising that they are hiring staff in multiple positions.

Heineken lovers will want to sample the brew at the Old Mill, both taps were completely frozen over.

Rating: Four pints out of Five

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