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Daffy’s lounge has plenty of Croom for laughs in Limerick but price list needs updating

Costing us €5 each, 30c more expensive than advertised, we couldn’t fault the taste or texture, but once again on our weekly travels we’ve encountered a publican who has not updated his price list.

Daffy’s in Croom is a very good spot


Daffy’s – Croom, Co. Limerick

IT is almost 10 years since the pub-mobile was in Croom and even on that occasion it was a brief passing through on our way back to HQ.

The Old Commando was keen to make a proper visit to the small village just outside Adare, and as we embarked on the two and a half hour journey we wondered what the atmosphere would be like in a county potentially licking its wounds after last weekend’s defeat to Clare.

“Just goes to show nobody’s invincible,” the Old Commando said as we cruised along the M7.

“It’s just a pity the Grab All Association put it behind a paywall” the Young Commando replied.

“Everyone should have been able to witness a classic like that.” Our designated driver parked the pub-mobile on the Main Street and we picked Daffy’s pub as our main port of call.

The Old Commando, who is on a mission to get publicans to update their price lists, scrambled at the door to check out the price of a pint of stout before we went in.

“€4.70 — that’s cheap. Let’s hope it’s true though,” he said rather sarcastically after reading the list at the entrance.

Much to our surprise, the bar was empty. Not a single soul — whether it was customer or staff — was to be seen. There was plenty of noise in the pub but it was all coming from the lounge.

Although we normally prefer the bar area, it made no sense to stay there so we traipsed into the lounge and placed our order with the lively barman on duty.

Pints of Fosters, Tuborg, Birra Moretti and Orchard Thieves were all available on draught but the Old Commando is never tempted to stray from his first love, Guinness.

Costing us €5 each, 30c more expensive than advertised, we couldn’t fault the taste or texture, but once again on our weekly travels we’ve encountered a publican who has not updated his price list since the most recent hikes were introduced.

Remember, it’s required by law!

On a more positive note, the atmosphere was brilliant in the lounge where we sat in the curved seating just across from the bar.

There was terrific banter and “woeful slagging”, as one local described it, going on between some Kilmallock natives and the locals.

Leave your feelings at the door-type stuff. There was a mixed clientele of all ages and we counted three TVs in the lounge.

The red velvet covered seating and barstools were in decent shape and a second room at the rear of the lounge had a pool table and was also busy.

A signed and framed match programme is on display from the 1978 Munster vs All Blacks game as well as numerous Limerick hurling photos from the past few years, with Declan Hannon lifting Liam one of the highlights.

The Liam number plates are also hanging behind the bar representing the wins from 1974, 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022. Will they be able to print one for 2023?

The Young Commando carried out the toilet inspection and he reported back to us that they are located ‘up the yard’ and contained two urinals and one cubicle.

The cubicle lock was broken and should be fixed immediately, and the hot water tap was not working.

Overall, we had a good time in Daffy’s pub as both the barman and the locals were friendly and entertaining. The pints of stout, although more costly than advertised, still went down a treat with our team of Commandos.

We promise not to leave it another decade before visiting Croom.

Rating: Three pints out of Five

One for the road…

The Old Mill – Croom, Co. Limerick

THERE was no sign saying ‘locals only’ but that’s how we felt during our brief stay at the Old Mill pub in Croom.

From the moment we arrived the barman duty was suspicious of us and we felt his eyes never left us until we walked back out the front door.

He even went to the toilet at the same time as the Young Commando.

The Old Commando, however, never bats an eyelid at these things, he was just happy to be sipping pints in the front bar which he described as a throwback to the good old days.

There are five large screen TVs in this area and the tiled floor was spotlessly clean.

the second section of the bar there is a pool table, a jukebox, a dart board and a further two TVs. The toilets were OK with sawdust sprinkled across the floor but the cubicle light was extremely dim and it was very difficult to see.

Rating: Three pints out of Five

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