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Going, going, thong! Mum who sells used underwear for €32 a pop says it isn't a get rich quick scheme

"Covid really impacted sales, especially in Ireland as half of the country haven't worked in over a year. I definitely was busier the year prior"


Worn undies are up for sale

Worn undies are up for sale

Photos of feet are up for sale

Photos of feet are up for sale


Worn undies are up for sale

A knicker-pushing single mum who sells her used underwear for €32 a pop says flogging smalls isn't a get-rich-quick scheme.

The budding entrepreneur, who goes by the alias Éinín Dearg, is eager to show the reality of the fetish business, warning women to turn the other cheek if they're expecting a huge payout.

Touted as 'the easiest way to make money', Pantydeal.com is one website that offers a community 'for people who love being free to enjoy their sexual fantasies, which includes buying and selling used panties.'

The site's top seller boasts: "I'm Dalma, global pantypreneur and top seller on Pantydeal. In less than four months I made over 100 sales and close to $4,000 in revenue.

In reality, the mum we spoke to said Covid has popped her earning bubble.

"You won't sign up to one of these platforms and instantly make sales. It takes time, effort and consistency to do it. Sellers can make up to €1,000 per month but they are generally at this full-time, offering digital content as well as worn items.


Mum cashes in thanks to fetish community

Mum cashes in thanks to fetish community

Mum cashes in thanks to fetish community

"No matter how many articles there are, you don't make thousands selling just your worn knickers. From April to December 2020 I earned €3,505.62.

"Covid really impacted sales, especially in Ireland as half of the country haven't worked in over a year. I definitely was busier the year prior."

Working a 40-hour week and facing 15 hours of commuting, the busy mum was looking for a second stream of income when she happened across the kink business.

"It was a guy on a dating app who put the idea into my head originally. I thought he was mad but I had some financial issues, so I decided to research it and give it a go. It was a steep learning curve."

Deciding to take the plunge, the entrepreneur began selling everything from shoes, tights, socks, pyjamas, nighties, bras, workout wear and some digital content.

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"I charge €32 for one-day wear, this includes proof of wear pics, self-pleasure in the knickers and standard postage. Add-ons include extra days' wear, videos in the knickers. I mostly concentrate on worn items.

"A usual order is two or three-day wear panties, just worn to work or exercising. Some that are really into it let you know exactly what they want and can be fussy. Others don't mind. Each customer is different, one only liked me wearing the week before I got waxed as he felt the scent was stronger.


A worn bra for sale

A worn bra for sale

A worn bra for sale

"I've had two men buy about 10 pairs each over the last year or so and others buy once, disappear for months and buy again."

Not all men are interested in buying smalls.

"I have other men who just enjoy a conversation, we message regularly and they tip for my time. I have a customer who likes to sext every week and another who pays me to watch a movie with him."

There are some requests however, that Éinín refuses.

"I've had requests for scat panties which is a step too far for me. I've also had requests for humiliation and abusive content but I stick more to worn items and I just don't have the personality for that kind of content.

"There definitely is a big Irish community, bigger than I imagined when I began this."

Explaining the draw for men, Éinín revealed: "Some want to experience different types of women and the various scents.

"Others find a woman whose scent they like and they buy repeatedly from her. Some men buy to wear the panties and to feel feminine themselves, so wearing underwear with a woman's scent helps with that.

"If you surveyed buyers you would get a mixed bag of results - there is no one answer fits all with this."

A quick browse through Twitter shows the demand for worn underwear.

@DublinPantyGuy is a 34-year-old who works in construction in Dublin and spends anywhere between €25 and €50 on worn underwear. "The biggest appeal for me is that every single pair I buy is very, very different.

"I love the variety. I buy panties and bras and pics of the sellers modelling them. I buy at least twice a week - I try to buy from as many different sellers as I can.

"I've been buying for about 10 years now. I can't give a figure. Some people spend their money on expensive cars and holidays - this is what I spend my money on," he said.

Refusing to disclose her buyers' identities, Éinín revealed that both buyers and sellers are wary about airing their dirty laundry in public.

"I am not embarrassed about what I do, however given the stigma attached to sex work - yes, selling your used panties or naughty pics is sex work - and the type of vanilla job I am in, I can't afford to be out and proud.

"However, I wish that I could but there is also a safety aspect to it as with everything.

"There are all sorts of people online and although I have been lucky and have had no issues, I know sellers who have had stalking incidents and even doxxing.

"I think as a whole this country is sexually repressed and needs a good shake.

"I do not understand all the kinks and fetishes, I don't pretend to. I think we like to judge people a lot in this country and that needs to change. Having a healthy attitude to sex is very important."

For anyone looking to get into the business, the knicker seller advises: "If anyone wanted to get started selling panties or socks online, I would say think about joining Panty Trust and give it a try.

"It has been amazing for my confidence and accepting my body and sexuality. It does take time and effort but it can be so worth it.

"It has been around for years and is a trusted site for buyers and sellers alike, if you are new but are excited to learn, then start there."

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