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The all new Mercedes Benz EQS has got it all, including a hefty price tag of €129k

This car is so far out of reach for most of us, but it was a complete privilege to call mine (if only for a week)

Mercedes EQS is fast and claims a range of 782km on a single charge of the battery© Mercedes-Benz AG

The EQS uses high-end materials throughout

Mercedes EQS© Mercedes-Benz AG

Mercedes offers the option of a ‘hyperscreen’ in the EQS© Mercedes-Benz AG

The EQS has all a passenger could want© Mercedes-Benz AG

The boot is carpetted throughout© Mercedes-Benz AG

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Mercedes Benz – EQS

So few of us will ever be in a position to ever drive or, better still, own a Mercedes EQS.

It is the German brand’s biggest and most premium saloon ever and, as the moniker suggests, it is a fully electric powerhouse.

And it is because it is part of the company’s new electric mini brand EQ which has already churned out the EBA, EQB, EQC, EQV and this year’s saloon options EQE and this impressive EQS.

With a starting price of €129k it is not for the light-hearted. Nor the frugally minded. This is a splurge of epic proportions even for the super-rich.

My test car had nearly €40k of extras too by the way, some of which were completely frivolous but fun and others that would almost be deemed a necessity.

Let’s start with the looks. In truth, I’m not sure I like it from the side profile. It is like one long roof line and that’s it. An unconventional saloon shape is always going to be slightly jarring but I think they’ve taken it too far here. Unique? Absolutely. But I just didn’t warm to the side profile.

That said, the front and rear views are stunning, with Mercedes opting for a fake grille look instead of the usual electric blankness that you get on other EVs.

Mercedes EQS© Mercedes-Benz AG

It is a car that shocks and grabs attention. The shy, retiring (and rich) need not apply as this is a on long talking point on giant 21” AMG multi-spoke wheels.

Inside it is sheer opulence. No question about it. The seats are like thrones and you are perched in a cushioned sea of luxury no matter whether or not you are in the front or the back.

In fact, you could argue that the EQS is a passenger’s car because of the space and gadgetry each person is afforded. Everyone gets their own climate control panel and there are enough plug sockets and touch screens to convince the smallies in the back that they are in control.

The sweep of that roof does eat into rear headroom a smidge, unlike the combustion version of the S-Class that has a more upright design in the rear.

The legroom in the back, though is insanely generous, weirdly, taller people may find the raised floor (that houses the huge battery) results in their knees being higher up than they expect. It’s not uncomfortable though; just unexpected.

Okay, enough about the passengers. Let’s focus on the driver for a while because it was genuine privilege to be behind the wheel of this car for a week.

The EQS uses high-end materials throughout

Comfort levels are what you would expect of a €168k trim line in an Mercedes. Heated and ventilated seats, heated steering wheel and there are even soft pillows attached to the headrests, which is something I have never seen before.

The overall quality is beyond excellent with high-end materials uses throughout. You spend far more time feeling the different surfaces than you should. And those air vents are like toys for adults. I defy you to take this car for a spin and not want to touch them repeatedly. Stunning.

There’s bucket loads of storage space in the centre console hidden away by a gorgeous lid and the lack of gears and transmission tunnel means there is open space between the front passengers legs.

The boot is carpetted throughout© Mercedes-Benz AG

Mercedes do not want anyone looking at their battery so they inserted a clever hatch on the front left wing for your washer fluid. Other than that the front is completely closed up.

The boot is so impressive to look at and touch I wanted to just get in and snuggle up. Carpeted throughout, this isn’t the storage unit you’d want if you needed somewhere to store your mud-covered football boots or your rain soaked golf clubs.

It only holds 610 litres by the way because of that sloping roof line that never ends. That’s a lot compared to most saloons but seems small for a car of this size. Although it does leap to 1,770ltr with the rear seats folded down.

Before I get to thedriving there is one (really) big thing I need to mention. Mercedes has now offered its owners an option their top-end cars called the ‘hyperscreen’ which costs an extra €12k and it is totally unnecessary but when you are rich enough to buy this car in the first place, I would highly recommend you fork out the extra pocket change for this utterly cool feature.

Transforming the front dash into a rocket ship, the ‘hyperscreen’ stretches 55inches across the dash comprising of three screens: a 17.7” central display, a 12.8” passenger display that can by synced to a separate phone and a 12.8” digital cluster behind the steering wheel.

It is without doubt the biggest draw here and was instantly mauled by anyone who was in the car.

Mercedes offers the option of a ‘hyperscreen’ in the EQS© Mercedes-Benz AG

Driving wise, it is a heavy machine (2.4 tonnes I believe) so it is rooted to the road. But don’t let that weight convince you that this is sluggish. It is far from it. With 333bhp and a mind-blowing 565Nm of torque it is very fast.

Usually when I travel this fast I am sitting in bucket seats, so it is an unusual sensation to have such speed while sitting in such luxury.

And then there is the best bit of all…the range. Mercedes is claiming 782km on a single charge, which may be slightly optimistic but even still it easily becomes the (rich) consumer car with the longest range ever.

So, range anxiety is soon going to be a thing of the past. All we need now is it to be made more affordable. Until then only the lucky few (53 have been sold already) will get to enjoy the range, the hyperscreen, the comfort, that boot, the gadgetry, the panoramic sunroof and the fun of having an EQS.

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