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break down Mind master Paul McKenna reveals he couldn't cope with grief after death of his father

McKenna will be in Dublin this Sunday as he brings his inspirational Positivity Tour to Dublin's Alex Hotel


Paul McKenna

Paul McKenna

Paul McKenna

He has long been renowned as the master of mind manipulation, but Paul McKenna admits he had no answer as he sank into depression of his own following the death of his father.

Speaking exclusively to sundayworld.com, the entertainer who became a global superstar with his mystical hypnotic prowess has opened up on his own battle with depression that he admits ‘took him to the edge of the abyss’ before he found a way to cope with his grief.

McKenna will be in Dublin this Sunday as he brings his inspirational Positivity Tour to Dublin's Alex Hotel, yet he has told us about the period in his life when he doesn’t see a light in his own darkness.

“When my father died a few years ago, I was absolutely wiped out by it,” begins Paul, in an emotional interview. “The sadness gripped me and I was overcome by it.

“At the time, people around me could see that I was not dealing with this situation very well, but I shunned their help and just thought I could get through it. My brother and some close friends would not sit back and allow me to sink lower, so they pushed me to get help and that’s what I eventually did.

“The trouble is, when you are down and depressed, you can’t always see it yourself. I remember when I was at the darkest place, I didn’t want help. There just felt like there was no point in anything.

“I came out of it by reaching a day when I decided I had grieved enough. The moment had come to turn a page and move on arrived. My Dad would not have wanted me to be this sad forever more and I had to find a way to come back.

“That moment of awakening comes quicker for some than others, but you have to reach that destination as quickly as possible and ensure you do not get trapped into a world of grief and mourning indefinitely. When you are in that state for an extended period, it is harder to escape and that is what you need to remember in these difficult incredibly moments.

“My message to anyone out there feeling down and depressed today would be this; if I can pull myself back from the edge of the abyss I was on then anyone can recover.

“For a while, I needed to hire my friend to help me after the death of my Dad.

“Some of the technique I use on others can work on me, but there have been times when I need help and that may happen again in the future.

“Like anyone, I see myself as a work in progress. There have been times in my life when I have been down and depressed and I have managed to find my way back from the edge. I thought to myself, what did I learn along the way and can I help others who are in a similar position.

“Those experiences have helped to shape what I have done in my working life and enhanced my understanding when people have come to me looking for help.

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“I have been broken and there have been times in my life when I have lacked confidence and I learned how to recover from that position. If you feel you cannot get back on track on your own, ask for help. The stiff stuff upper lip and 'just get on with it' mentality does not help in those situations.”

McKenna’s new show coming to Ireland next weekend will offer an uplifting experience for those in attendance, as he looks forward to reengaging with his favourite audience.

“I used to come to Ireland do hypnotism shows in Ireland in the 1990s and it was always the funniest show of the tour,” he adds.

“This show should be great fun. I will ask the audience to join me on stage, get involved and try to show how to solve problems.

“It’s like a mass hypnosis session and by the end of the evening, everyone comes out feeling positive, optimistic. The book and DVD everyone gets gives them something to further explore what they have experienced and it has been a wonderful experience on the UK Tour so far.

“This is like a personal session with me, then at the end the real work is the hundreds of selfies, which actually I don’t mind doing because I get to meet people and chat to them. One of the things I’ve really missed this past couple of years is walking out into a room with an atmosphere and a vibe, connecting with people. We can connect via video link but, there’s something I love about doing it in person.

“Even if you are the jolliest person on earth, I can try and make you feel even better.”

Paul McKenna’s Positivity Tour arrives at The Alex Hotel in Dublin on Sunday and you can get the last few remaining tickets HERE.

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