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TV presenter Nadine Reid had a uterine fibroid 'the size of a newborn baby'

Nadine’s path to motherhood was fast-tracked when a cluster of fibroids were discovered in her uterus last year.
TV presenter Nadine Reid likes to forage around her Donegal home

TV presenter Nadine Reid likes to forage around her Donegal home

Denise Smith

Nadine Reid is throwing coal on the fire while her pup Missy, playfully nips at her feet when she takes a call from Mum & Me from her idyllic Donegal home.

The 44-year-old city slicker has assimilated to country life, her Instagram page is all sea swims and foraging for fresh food, and now the TV presenter is about to put a proverbial bun in the oven.

Documenting her solo journey to motherhood, the Lidl ambassador is not allowing her age, single status or societal expectations to stop her from becoming a mum.

“The question was never to be a mom or not to be a mom. I always thought I’d be a mom. But I never sat down and mapped it out. Obviously, we’d all like to be like Beyoncé and have twins at age 33, but that hasn’t been my destiny,” reveals the Birmingham born broadcaster.

Nadine’s path to motherhood was fast-tracked when a cluster of fibroids were discovered in her uterus last year.

Fibroids affect 80 pc of women, they are mostly benign tumours and symptoms include heavy periods and anaemia.

TV presenter Nadine Reid

TV presenter Nadine Reid

“One of the tumours was 17cm long. I automatically began to think the worst, and I just thought, is there an alien in me? I will never forget the day after I had surgery to remove them - I was getting fresh air outside the hospital and my consultant walked by and said, ‘oh, by the way, the results in, it wasn’t cancerous.

"I didn’t even think that was an option. It was literally the weight of a newborn baby, 6lbs. It looked like an alien ham, I can’t believe I had that in my body all that time.

“Obviously I am a big girl anyway, but your stomach makes a certain shape when you have a fibroid, it pushes your lower tummy out and I was beginning to look like pregnant fat girl vibes.

“Something that size was sucking so much blood out of my system, I was anaemic, and I was so tired all the time.”

Having lived with heavy periods for years, it was a natural fit for the Jamaican powerhouse to join forces with Lidl - the first major retailer in the world to commit to combatting Period Poverty by offering free sanitary products in stores nationwide in April 2021.

“My periods were so heavy when I had the fibroids, I cannot imagine not having access to sanitary products. The embarrassment of bleeding on a chair, I have been there, but for some girls not to be able to afford basic is heart breaking.

“Lidl’s research showed that there are girls who have to choose between food and a tampon each month. How can we empower young women and girls and yet we can’t even offer them a sanitary towel? Lidl are donating more than 80,000 products, you just register, get a coupon through the app and you can just pick them when you do your shopping. I am team Lidl leading the way.”

The surgery to remove her fibroids should have been straightforward, but it would take Nadine five consultations before she found the right doctor that supported her decision to become a mother.

“One doctor actually said, ‘That fibroid is so big, you may as well have a hysterectomy. Take it all out.’ And that’s when I went, ‘What do you mean, then I can’t have kids?'

"He more or less said, you are 43, it’s not going to happen anyway. That is what I roughly interpreted from many doctors in Ireland. I was too old and too fat to have a baby. I eventually found a doctor that listened to my parenting goals and removed them from my uterus.”

Nadine Reid in Donegal

Nadine Reid in Donegal

Since the surgery, Nadine feels like a new woman and is more committed than ever to welcome a baby into the world.

“With the pandemic you face your truths and I think we have all become more authentic. I know we all kept saying these two years don’t count - I started the pandemic age 42 and now I am 44, they count, babe.”

Weighing up her fertility options, Nadine explains:“Casual sex and one-night stands was option number one but in the middle of the pandemic that was the last option, never mind sexually transmitted disease, I didn’t want to catch Covid. Option two is of course IUI or IVF.

“A lot of clinics wouldn’t see me because of my BMI and because of my size. A lot of Irish clinics turned me down.

“I have just found this clinic in Greece, I’ve booked my flights and they said they could possibly inseminate me when I travel over for the first time.”

Determined and full of hope, the social media star explains: "I’m going to be a mom. I don’t know if I’ll be a mom, a mam or mommy. I could be more of a Brummie mom or a Dub mam or a Donegal mommy. Whichever version of that I don’t feel afraid of any of this. Now, don’t get me wrong.

"It may be that I become a foster mom, or I meet a guy and his kids and they become my kids. Or it could be that I go to Greece and get pregnant. You know, I don’t really know but I just feel that this mothering qualities will be used in some form.”

Nadine is also under no illusion of the parenting struggles she will face.

“When people say you wouldn’t choose to be a single mum, I looked around and women are doing the lion’s share of work anyway. If I am lucky to meet a man who is emotionally intelligent later on, at least I have already started our family.

“I already have friends that have said they will help me with the babysitting and I am slotting them in.

“I’m not saying that I am Nadine and I am going to have a baby and it is easy or that I am a super woman, I see families that have two parents and it is still a struggle looking after one baby

“I know it is not going to be easy, but I know it will be fully rewarding and I don’t think someone who hasn’t met their Mr Right yet, should miss out on such a beautiful, life-changing experience because they haven’t met him yet.

“I also don’t have a clue and I really don’t know everything but I am going into it with courage, hope and love and those are things that will see me through.”

  • Starting 19th April, those looking to get urgent access to period products can download Lid’s app, Lidl Plus, and sign up to receive a free monthly coupon.

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